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I recently purchased a eBay expansion chamber called the Nasty Jack. It cost $59 free shipping. On a previouse motor I used to have an authentic mz65 pipe. That pipe was the only reason I hit 50mph years ago. My bike was hit by a car. snapped my frame and completly destroyed thw mz65. Since then I have rbuilt the bike but never dishing out another $150 for a new mz65. However I did find a cheap alternative the Nasty Jack. First empresions. Big pipe, from what I can tell it has same dia tubing as the mz65 the header length is roughly the same and the chamber, although not hydroformed, is also very close to that of the mz65. The welds are not pretty but their were no leaks. Fitment is good however in order to fit my bike i had to cut it all up and after rewelding and bolting up to my motor. I GAVE HER A RIP. WOW NIGHT AND DAY DIFFERENCE. This pipe performs very well and will give you a noticable top end to your motor. NOTHING will perform like a real mz65. But this pipe comes in above all the rest at a
close second I bet if I got my crank balanced i could hit 50mph again. This pipe is worth the $59 hands down.


I got the same Nasty Jack pipe from Ebay, from the same seller umotomotorized, because of this suggestion. Good deal! Muffler added later.


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May I make a suggestion? Find a way to clamp that muffler in place and/or brace the muffler to support the weight and retain its position. No matter how tight that pipe may be shoved into the other one, it will fall out eventually.
Thanks, I probably should find a way to keep it in place. I haven't had one of these bikes in so long, but now I am remembering that it will be oiled by the exhaust more and more as time goes by. :)