New electric bicycle

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by BigPotato, Sep 2, 2009.

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    Seems like it might be unstable when turning. 22 lbs, 5 mile range and 12mph speed? Might be good for Manhattan, London or Rome...if your commute is short. This one is anyone's guess if it will be successful.
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    To me this looks like a vanity project by the designer(s) and no one had the heart to tell them that it's useless. The limitations of the device (range, speed, capacity) combined with the high cost make it a guaranteed failure in the market. The low, unstable riding position is a huge visibility/safety issue in an urban environment. At least the height of a regular bike makes it possible to see ahead and gives you a better chance of being seen. This thing will be virtually invisible to traffic, and you can't ride on the sidewalk in a city. The real competitor to this is walking or taking a cab and $5000 buys a lot of shoes or short cab rides.
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    hmmmmm ...

    As a design statement, I can dig it. I agree with the other posts that it looks a little dangerous and not too well suited to the environment they state it is designed for.

    I was struck immediately by the visual reference to the old high wheel bikes.

    Might be fun to wheel around a huge loft in the city--and if you are rich enough for that, I bet the high cost of the toy is no object either.
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    It's supposed to retail here for AU$6000(IF it ever gets into production)
    Too much for what looks like an unstable toy.
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    center of gravity is too high with such a small wheel base. Wonder what it would look like if you hit a pot hole or speed bump with one... thanks, but no thanks
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    And when it rains....yucckkk!

    It makes me wonder, sometimes, if the designers and builders know that they are making something that's just not going to cut it or if they're dumping money into a project and foolishly hoping to be the next Henry Ford.

    Neither way sounds believable. Maybe they hope to sell, say, 500 units through The Sharper Image and be done with it. I wouldn't exactly approve, but at least that sounds like a somewhat realistic business plan.
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    A pedal bike would perform better, be less costly and would have better range.