New engine, a lot of bugs

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by carrietx, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. carrietx

    carrietx Guest

    I need some advice. I am having one heck of a time getting my new engine to run right. There are two major problems pestering me now.

    The first is I can't get the intake manifold to seat properly. A quarter of the factory gasket was missing and I replaced it with a cereal box cardboard gasket. I used permatex gasket seal. The manifold looks as if it is seated well, but you can feel suction at the bottom side of the flange.

    The second problem is the gas tank. I put new, clean gas in the tank but the filter that screws into the fuel valve is clogging up with what looks like paint from the tank and rust. I've cleaned the tank once and it clogged again in about five minutes. Also it seems like the fuel cap is not letting enough air into the tank to replace the used fuel, creating a vacuum. I haven't had the engine running long enough to know if this "vacuum" will be a problem.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    1.) Remove the manifold and use a file to "mate" the surfaces. Use a shop vac, or other vaccum to suck up any metal shavings, and use a rag stuffed into the engine side to keep the shavings from going in the engine. Use gasket sealer on both mating surfaces and the gasket before re-assembly.
    2.) Unfortunately, the only way to rid yourself of the crap in the tank is to either use aquarium gravle or a handfull of nuts and bolts and put them in the tank with some kerosene and swish it around for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with hot water and follow that up with a spray of WD 40 to remove the water.
    Alternately, buy a BIG fuel filter from an auto parts store and let the crud settle into it, replacing it as needed. :sad:

    You may want to contact the seller and let them know you got a crappy tank, 30 day warranty and all you know.
  3. gone_fishin

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    the intake and exhaust flanges both need a good pre-install inspection.

    luckily, they're both heavy metal so a flat file will straighten out any waves in no time at all.

    like joe advised...keep it clean 8)
  4. foyeburger

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    lose that little gas filter in the tank just rip it off and buy a inline gas filter the kind you can take apart and clean on the spot im talking about that little filter on the petcock that screws into the gas tank get rid of it.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well, how did it all work for ya'?
  6. deercrossing

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    Again a good reading about the problems others are having and what I can do to keep from having the problems. Am I to use a glue sealer on all the gaskets? And what is best way to apply this sealer and gasket? The question may sound dumb....I just don't know.
  7. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    me & my 70:

    intake: thin black fiber gasket material, permatex 1a both sides. cereal or saltines cardboard also works great.

    head: original gasket, nothing else.

    cylinder base: permatex high-temp RTV only.

    exhaust: original gasket, permatex 1a both sides.

    after discovering the flaws in the flanges, i used a flat file on them, my intake & exhaust have never leaked since.
  8. Kielohawk

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    The filter on my gas tank valve is a plastic barrel type with screen and it's white in color. This filter just screws out of the valve assembly. When you unscrew the valve from the tank, try to turn the tank filter and unthread it. My tank had a bunch of junk in it and this filter does catch the big stuff. I have a large filter in-line that I purchased at a hardware store. 2 Filters are great but it a big hastle to remove the tank valve to check or replace it. It sounds like a lot of people just remove them and use the in-line only.

  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have two set ups....One the Western Flyer has the screen removed and the stock filter. The second has the screen and the stock filter. I drilled both gas caps with a 1/16" bit.

    No clogs yet on either, but for 2.57 I can buy a good quality filter that is triple the capacity, which is what I'll do the first time I have any problems or see anything in the stock filter.
  10. BikeHacker

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    Bull, my cap sealed too tight and didn't vent....a quick drilling with the cordless took care of that.

    What "bings"? These carbs on the China happytime engine are not Bings or anything remotely close to a Bing, Mikuni, or anything else.

    What pressure carb are you running, a Walbro? How's that working for you?