Break In New engine break in time?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by battery, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. battery

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    Got a new engine ran through a half gallon already @ 16:1. How many more gallons before I can switch to 20:1? The book says 500km but I am mostly doing 5mph in the woods.

  2. battery

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    Nobody knows huh? I figure two gallons of fuel should be enough
  3. butre

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    I always suggest running 32:1 from the start. the idea of using more oil for break in is just some stupid garbage written by unskilled chinese assembly shop workers and then translated by people who don't have a particularly firm grasp of either language.

    no other 2 stroke manufacturer in the world suggests this break in method.
  4. battery

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    Sweet thank you butre. I think I'm gonna go with the recommended 20:1 after this. Too much torque seems to be an issue with parts wear. I'm treating through cassettes way to fast. I do wish I bought a 49 cc instead of a 66cc. I may try to add another head gasket to lower compression. And as it is winter maybe go with 87 octane instead of 93. I should warm up the engine faster this way and smooth out the hits a little to the drive train?
  5. crassius

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    I run one tank at 16:1 and another the same if the engine still seems a bit weak on hills. After that, I run 32:1 forever more. I doubt anyone knows for sure what is best, but this has worked for me for about 6 years now.