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Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by birdmannn101, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. birdmannn101

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    Can anyone suggest a chain drive kit that will fix this chain drive problem?


  2. Barry

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    Hey Birdmann,
    Have you ever been on the Stanto Inc web site? This guy has EVERYTHING. For this problem you might think about clamping a plate to the rear of your seat tube and attaching some of these:
    Attach two gears to a 5/8" shaft (the same size as your gearbox output gear), slide the left one to align with the gearbox side and the right one aligned to the rear sproket.
    Whaddaya think?
  3. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    What motor are you using?
  4. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    You are definitely right about that. He even sells Pecans.
    No idea what use they would have in a motorized bicycle application, but i'm thinking they might be used to quieten the bottom end, or to restore the piston to bore clearance back to manufacturers specifications by throwing a couple of dozen down the intake port.
  5. birdmannn101

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    That's a good idea Barry... I'll have to look into that.
  6. birdmannn101

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    Darwin, I am using a 1E40F-5 Brush Cutter engine off of a mini chopper. It was taken apart by the previous owner and handed to me in a box with all the parts. It is funny that they call this a 49cc engine because when I re-built it I found out that it was a 32cc engine. Bought a new 49cc piston, rings, bearings, gaskets and the cylinder head for $48 including shipping. Now it runs great. Has a pull starter, electric starter and centrifugal clutch. If I could figure out how to adjust the clutch to stop turning while the engine is idling I would be happy. Here is a picture of the engine.

    P0009166.jpg P0008988.jpg
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  7. birdmannn101

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    Wonder why I didn't think of using a jackshaft to fix my problem. Do you think that would work?
  8. V 35

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    How wide is the engine ? Could you offset it ? Take a look at some choppers, most have an inch or two of offset, yet they track true,
    the trick is alignment. Consider using a low buck lazer beam to check alignment. Us old schoolers use taught string .
  9. birdmannn101

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    The engine is 12 inches wide. I don't know how far I could offset it and still track true. I guess that the jackshaft is more for gearing to the right side, not compensating for an offset.
  10. tom-fishing

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    Hi birdmann101, Just a quick question about the gearbox. Is that the 5-1 reduction and if it is doesn't it reverse the rotation of the output shaft?
  11. birdmannn101

    birdmannn101 Member

    Tom, There is no reduction. It comes right off the crankshaft via a centrifugal clutch. The gear operates counter clockwise.


    Here is a schematic of the engine breakdown

    If I am wrong please let me know because I haven't been doing this for a long time.

    Here is the engine specification sheet


    You might be correct since it says, "As seen by the operator."

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  12. birdmannn101

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    Hi Tom,
    I wasn't able to see the rotation earlier because the clutch is screwed up. So, not knowing about a 5-1 reduction I went out to garage and pulled the engine through with the rope starter. The clutch turned counterclockwise. Then I turned the top part of the clutch cover counterclockwise and I see that the gear DID turn clockwise. Thanks for bringing that up. I know that I am learning a lot through this group. Guess I should think about mounting it on the right side of the bike directly to the rear wheel via the chain sprocket. That means I won't be able to pedal it or use the coaster brake on the rear wheel.
  13. MotorBicycleRacing

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    This is the second thread that you have started on this build.
    I already told you that that 5 to 1 gearbox reverses the direction of rotation
    and has a five to one reduction.
  14. tom-fishing

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    Whoa, that's pretty harsh! Ragging on someone because they don't know as much as you do doesn't help.
  15. birdmannn101

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    I wasn't ragging on anyone Tom. I admit that I didn't know about the 5-1 reduction gearing and I admitted to noticing the rotation turned clockwise instead of counterclockwise. Since you didn't "reply with a quote" just "posted a quick reply" I can't see where you might have thought I was ragging on someone.

    I admit that I don't know as much about motor bicycling as you and other members of the forum.