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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bilboby, Feb 9, 2011.

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    I finally took delivery yesterday of the long awaited Honda GXH 50 FD Kit from Staton Inc & already i must say "I'm impressed with the workmanship & quality that's gone into the build of their FD unit". Unlike the BGF Chinese built FD kit i've purchased before the Staton model really does look appealing to the eye with it's clean slick & smooth finish. Infact it's so eye-catching i'm almost tempted not to use it in fear of it getting dusty & dirty lol. Before i get around to fitting the FD kit onto a bike i need to fully read/ understand what the instructions say about maintenance of the engine for a hopefully long & trouble free life. Also a new mountain bike (min 27 speed) is on the cards next month as the Magna Point bike i'm currently using just wouldn't do the Staton FD kit any justice if it was fitted. So a new kit and a soon to be new bike can only mean one thing? " A fresh start to rejuvenating my MB riding here in France". Eventually the FD will get replaced with a chain shift/ gear setup but that's a future project & not for now so guys

    Enjoy your MB rides