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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by syphonza, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. syphonza

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    After a 24 months of painful and very expensive development (made lots of mistakes but that's how we learnt) I think I have finally managed to develop bicycle engine mount system that:

    Uses a brush cutter engine.
    Drives through the wheels sprocket mount
    Will fit any bike
    Is easily repaired
    Weighs about 8kg
    Is almost un breakable (I say almost as in my experience one should never underestimate the power of stupidity:)
    Will ship to the states for $400 That is complete kit via DHL with out engine includes throttle and kill switch assembly

    Any advice on how to bring it to market in the US?


  2. troyg

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    I for one, am VERY interested, can you please give a bit more info?
    Is it chain, or belt drive?
    Is the engine rack, frame, or axle mount?
    Would it be possible for you to send one to ths states for a beta-test?
    Are there any pictures?
  3. 2old2learn

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    If its a patentable design, thats the first thing you'd want to do. You will need to decide if you want to sell it as a kit or as a completed bike. If you are not a master fabricator you might want one to review your design for possible improvements before you patent it and bring it to market.
  4. syphonza

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    Yes it is and yes it has been!

    It is chain drive, rack mount though this does not really describe it accurately and if you wan to buy one then I would gladly ship it to the states. Pictures will follow shortly so you can think from there

    Mount was developed in conjunction with 4 engineers most of who come from motor or motor cycle racing back grounds.
  5. 2old2learn

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    My current bike is set up similarly to that design format. Its a rear mount and powers through a 18.75 to 1 torque converter and then powers the pedal axle which has a freewheel in it which then uses the bikes 21 speed transmission. The engine uses a centrifugal clutch.
  6. crassius

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    I'm really old with a bad hip, never seen a rack mount that I could get my leg over to get on the thing : (
  7. nishikidrift

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    crassius you could use a step through frame(not a girls bike.) well you might call it a girls bike.
  8. crassius

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    I'm also too old to whoop all the people that will laugh at me on a girl's bike : (
  9. nishikidrift

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    crassius there is a difference between a girls bike and a step through and it's the way te top bar angles down tube and crew what they say. first pic is a girls bike the other two are step through bikes girls bike.jpg stepthrough.jpg images.jpg
  10. syphonza

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    And it will mount on all of the above

    Final patent paper work will go through this week and then I will show you all
  11. 2old2learn

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    Can't wait to see what you've developed.
  12. crassius

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    you know there's a diff, and I know there's a diff, but general public doesn't know that
  13. bikejock

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    Interesting idea. One things for sure disk brakes always get in the way of mounting anything to the rear. Be sure to keep that in mind in the design. I'm in the process of figuring out a work around for my disk brakes to make my friction drive kit fit.
  14. KCvale

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    Cool, welcome to the developers club.
    What exactly is the 'Brush Cutter' engine it is for?
    Little ~30cc 2-stroke trimmer engine, or much larger?
    In my case it is a very specific engine the drive is for.

    Marketing is yet another hat we have to wear and it's a big hat.
    I suggest a good e-commerce web site with plenty of detailed pictures, product mechanical details and instructions that is aloo easy to manage.

    Manage inventory and direct customer relations with shipping once you get going as that alone is a tough gig all by itself.
    Heck, even with help, web skills, and a wife that covers the bills it's tough.

    Expect to be in the red and overworked until you get some help if you want a life, as trying to be a specialty unique custom parts supplier is way harder than it sounds, and that is not including border and currency problems for expanding to a foreign market.

    A relationship with a US MB parts company might be a wise move, ship a pallet of parts to them and see how it goes.

    Be active in the on-line MB communities and if someone asks for an option for the engine they have, speak up, just beware of the trolls that think innovation sucks and you should never earn a dime.

    Best of luck cy, I hope that helps, and remember there is always room for new stuff in the ever changing MB world, we are all an innovative group, just don't expect to make a living at it.
  15. sbest

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    All sorts of promise and POOF, he was gone...
  16. syphonza

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    Still here! had a delay with the last round of IP registrations. (I received conformation yesterday) Pics and video to be posted shortly (probably around 28 December)
  17. syphonza

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    The brushcutter motor is the 43cc motor used by the likes of Staton or Golden Eagle

    I agree it will be a huge amount of work will post some pics soon
  18. syphonza

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    As it happens getting round the disk brake was the easy part...
  19. syphonza

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  20. HeadSmess

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    patents mean nothing. they only have to change 10%... that could be a different gage chain say...and a slight relocation of centre points etc... then someone with a few million dollars can easily invest in tooling for manufacturing if the profit margin looks reasonable.