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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bbeards2, May 31, 2008.

  1. bbeards2

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    I found this engine and I really like the price and the power output that this engine offers, but I was curious if anyone new of a good centrifugal clutch that I could use with this engine. I've already searched through the forums, with not much luck. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    That thing would totally haul on a bicycle and very light too... I hope you can find a way to fit a clutch to that sucker you'd be able to beat just about any motorized bike out there.
  4. eljefino

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    Fit a propeller, it would be a fan-boat-bike. :D

    The gyro-action of a prop on a bike would make balancing, er, interesting.

    Make sure you have enough cooling capacity in all seriousness if you go ahead with that motor, it may be expecting lots of air going over it.
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    Nice engine. I also think that cooling might be a problem if this engine is designed for airplane use. Look into the cooling requirements before investing that kind of money. You can also check this place out for clutches:

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    Awesom engine, I would give Small Engine Warehouse a call,They have helped various technical questions I have had. If they don't have a clutch they might know where you can get one. (1-800-321-6725)
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    Whoa! Cool engine, but a little too powerful for my blood! :shock: