Engine Trouble New engine won't pedal

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  1. I just bought a new 80cc engine kit and put it together rear wheel drags hard to pedal wheel occasionally turns when pedal does turn which is when I push the pedal as hard as I can then it only turns like a little bit not even half an inch however pedals fine when engine isn't connected to sprocket

  2. wheel also doesn't turn when in air I have tried pulling the clutch in doesn't help
  3. bakaneko

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    are you sure the chain is not getting stuck in the drive sprocket, where the chain goes into engine? otherwise, the engine just might be engaged and you need to relook at the clutch cable and arm assembly.
  4. it gets stuck occasionally but most times its not
  5. crassius

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    sounds like the clutch is stuck or not adjusted properly, but could be a chain problem - take out spark plug and if it seems to turn more easily, then fix the clutch - if it still won;t turn, fix the chain
  6. it was hard to turn before I put the spark plug in I put that on last
  7. crassius

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    in that case, I'd take the pressure plate right off the clutch and roll the bike to find where it's dragging
  8. gus.

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    Pullout the cap wher the sprocket are and chec for dent. You need tu cut it.

    Sory for my inglish need to fine spell chec.
  9. the clutch is locked up
  10. Nanonevol

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    +1 Adjust your clutch.
  11. frostic

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    take off both the clutch cover and the one on the drive wheel and remove the flynut if it spins without the flynut off then it is NOT locked up, if the chain is pushing up on the drive sprocket you need to get a dremmel tool and mill the drive sprocket a bit. NEVER EVER TRY TO RUN IT TILL YOU PULL THE WHOLE CHAIN OVER THE SPROCKET else you might break your chain or do worse damage. if the sprocket wont spin with the flynut off then it is indeed locked up... if not then dremel the sprocket to make all chain links fit over the teeth. after that then put the drive sprocket side on first so you can adjust the clutch. NEVER put the drive sprocket side on after the flynut side or you can mess up the bearings. make sure the cylander shaped bearing is in the drive sprocket before you put the cover on that has the clutch lever. also check the clutch leaver dor damage inside the cover where you insert it. if you need more assistance please reply and let us know if you fixed it. and what steps you took THANKYOU
    some videos out there say just run it and the chain will steatch. DONT listen to them they are dumb and prolly go through chains like a cookie monster eating cookies.....

    note: some drive sprockets DONT fit the chain provided in kits. you have to mill the sprocket teeth by sanding them down a bit so ALL chain links fit over them... not just the first few as most people will only test a few links.... some chains will break if not seated... and i suggest buying a better chain. as the ones with the kit are made of butter and really suck... id say get the chain upgrades that have a slimer chain. they are alot better imo...

    another issue i found is that the actual cover dont give chains enough clearence sometimes so need to cutout an area so the chain has clearence. if needed i can take pictures of what needed done to my latest build.
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  12. 45u

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    I had that problem where the sprocket cover was hitting the chain and I relieved it some and now problem gone.
  13. frostic

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    i just used my dremel and routed out just enough so it wouldn't rub on it.
  14. 45u

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    That is all I did.