New engine won't start

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by 219cohen, May 29, 2009.

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    Hey everyone, I bought an 80cc 2 stroke HT engine kit from daoji888 (yong xing machine zone) on ebay.
    Before starting the project I had no HT motorized bicycle experience and I think this is part of the problem.
    I have done a lot of research on this site before posting as a final resort. Everything is installed on my beach cruiser bike, I took it to the top of a hill and pedalled down as fast as I could while releasing the clutch. I can hear and feel the piston going up and down but it won't start. I have checked the wires, black to black and blue to blue and i didn't bother installing the kill switch. I had 1 litre of unleaded with about 60ml of 2 stroke oil 16:1 ratio.
    I flooded the carb the first time so i held the tinker down to drain the gas. my main concern was i didn't think any gas was getting into the motor from the carb because the spark plug seemed dry when i took it out. now i think the cdi isn't working to produce the spark but i'm not sure... any suggestions please?

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    I have the exact same kit :D
    Check for spark by pulling your plug out, grounding it and turn the wheel.

    I could be something as silly as your fuel valve is still off (i should know it's happened to me god knows how many times lol)
    BTW Most times a machine wont wont start because of the ignition system.
    good luck

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    Ok the tickler puts gas in the carb not drains it. Do the spark test like BSA said, with the plug out the motor will turn pretty easy.
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    Use the search engine, lots of posts covering this topic in greater detail.
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    WHY didn't I think of that 7 weeks ago !!

    I finally won the battle of the riding mower after 7 weeks ! We only move the car once per week, Fridays for groceries.

    First mow of the season I recharge the battery, but got zilch when I turned the key. The guy I bought it from lives nearby, came out and jump started it with a pair of pliers on the two posts of the solenoid.

    I go in Friday and buy/install a new solenoid.

    no change.

    Next week I buy a 30% more powerful battery. (the old one was 7 years old, needed it anyway.)

    no change.

    Then I buy 2 switches, for the blade and clutch.

    no change. (but got a refund on one unopened switch.)

    Then I buy the ignition switch, have my neighbor use his tester, BINGO, discharges on the ground wire at ignition.

    But when I open the bag on the new ig. switch, its four prongs, I need five.

    Yesterday, as usual, it's the LAST thing you do that works.

    Insult to injury, my buddy Bill called last nite, and when I started explaining my 7 week lawnmower struggle, ignition switch was the first thing he said.

    (the new blades are longer than the old ones, however, and I cut 1/3 of my time and gas consumption on the 2 acres I have to mow .)
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    Well I finally managed to fix the problem of starting my engine...
    turns out i hadn't set up the throtle correctly.
    I can't believe how much fun these kits are. I had a 4 stroke 33cc engine last year but this engine makes that look like carp.
    I only wish these were road legal in the uk...