New facebook group seeking members?

Sep 2, 2017

This is an open invitation to all members of this lovely helpful forum.

Recently, I have opened a Nationwide facebook group for all motorized bicyclist to help find solutions to their answers...
I have openly already chosen three moderators of "Nationwide Motorized Bicycle Forum" (facebook group)

One a long time friend of mine who is a long term motorcycle driver and two other members of this forum who hold high experience credentials..

This forum is an open opportunity for those with experience to help others, and post their thoughts and expectations in the basis of building bikes.

I hope to see everyone of you there if you have experience and show an unbiased view in biking and building we ask that you join the moderator team as a total of 10 moderators will be needed.

Note this group is "NOT" created" to bash, harm or do damage to older forums such as or

However, our TOS is very strict and clear, no harassment, Bashing, Threatening, or sponsor riding right winging.

Any sponsorship or product review is "strictly between the poster and it's donor."

We do note condone sponsorship for pay, or boat floating of companies.

This is an open opportunity to provide exposure to all thesis, theories, and experimental findings as long as within "moderators" definition of good and bad postings.

Thank you,

"National Motorized Bicycle Forum" (An open to public facebook group.)
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