New Felt cruiser project.

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  1. jim_himself

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    Hello, it has been what feels like forever since I last posted on the site, but Ive been around gathering information. I just purchased a beautiful felt cruiser and can't decide what engine to give it, although it has to be in frame. After my first two sloppy builds, I want this one to be very clean and quieter than my current gp460 screamer:devilish:. I'd love to hear what you guys think I should do as far as the engine and drive go. Thankyou in advance for any and all input.

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  2. rustycase

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    Gosh Jim, is that your bike, or an img of the model?
    Nice bike, either way!

    Why not buy an inexpensive complete china kit from one of the vendors that post here and do the cleanest job you can, now that you have experience?

    Once you get it reliable, then you can begin hopping it up a bit, here and there.

  3. Happy Valley

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    For in-frame seems like an EZM 4 stroke kit would be a natural with a smooth and dependable Honda 50.
  4. jim_himself

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    The pic is off the website, as it hasnt arrived yet. Il put up pics of the actual bike as soon as i get it. It has a three speed hub so i was thinking about a shift kit, but im not sure the crank would work for one. Id like to have pretty good low end to make it a bit more practical.
  5. jim_himself

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    After taking my gp460 bike for a spin today, ive decided that i really want this bike to be quicker. While the gp460 will pull my bike upwards of 50mph, its low end is really lacking. I don't need this felt to go 50mph, infact 35mph is fine with me as long as i can get good acceleration. Right now it looks like shift kit plus a hopped up china girl is the way to go.
  6. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Quickness, aka acceleration, lies in the hands of the shift kit and rear gears. Unsure about the 3-speed hub, but the standard derailleur, chain and 8-speed cassette CAN reliably handle the power of the 4.2 hp+ of a piped GP460 engine.

    You could use your GP460 engine and install it center-frame mount, via Scooterguy mount. I ran my 460 like that, after moving it from a friction drive position.

    You could also install it center-mount position with shift kit. It would be a custom install, maybe starting with a 4-stroke center mounting plate. The 460 could be centered, but it would need the 5:1 pocket bike gearbox for low gear ratio. With engine centered in the frame, the engine sprocket would be far outboard and not align with the engine chainring sprocket. Then, a jackshaft would need to be used to align the drive chain with the engine chainring.

    I'm partial to Scooterguy center mount with shift kit. Using the rear cassette will REALLY take full advantage of the 460's high rpm/narrow powerband. Your bicycle will become a very powerful entry-level quasi-motorcycle. The hills that are problematic now will be manageable at a higher speed than before. Besides that, a Scooterguy mount will allow you to bolt on an SBP expansion pipe. It's not the optimum pipe for the 460, but it fits snugly along the frame.

    If you want it easy, a 4-stroke or Happy Time kit would fit better. If you want power, you already know what the 460 is capable of.

    Did you ever have any problems with your 460's clutch? My clutch issue was the main reason why I changed from GP460 to Tanaka 47R engine.
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  7. jim_himself

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    I thought about using the gp460, but decided against it as the bike its currently on is going to be my brothers.
    Im considering a morini, but im not sure how i'd make the mounts for it, though im sure the local machine shop could help me figure something out or what i'd do as far as the exhaust. I know the 9.6hp morini would have great acceleration and im leaning toward that option. (i have tons of cash right know since i sold my racing go kart)
    As far as the shift kit goes, i thought about it, but with a hopped up happy time, but i dont know if the nexus internal hub will hold up and dont want to break it.
    At this point I'm gonna wait tilli have the bike then go from there.
    My gp460 hasn't given me a single issue with the clutch. I switched to the clutch saver springs about a week after i got, and they are still holding up after almost 700 miles.
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  8. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    If I had the extra cash, I might consider buying the Boxer SCSw bike with Morini engine. :idea:

    It is a totally engineered package, and will run circles around anything you or I could build ourselves for the same amount of $$.:bowdown:
  9. jim_himself

    jim_himself Member

    I like building and designing it myself though, its part of the fun and theres nothing better than riding down the road on something you built primarily with your own two hands, even if you needed some help getting it all together.
  10. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    I get what you mean. I built all my bikes too, except for a Whizzer that found its way to me.

    Good luck on your next project.
  11. jim_himself

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    Thanks, Il post more details and specs of the bike once it arrives, sometime around tuesday.
  12. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    You did well on your 460 friction drive bike.
  13. jim_himself

    jim_himself Member

    Thanks, its set up to a chain jackshaft now, i like it more this way, aside from the front gear slipping.
  14. jim_himself

    jim_himself Member

    So i finally got around to assembling the bike and it is so much cooler than in the pictures. The rims are so wide. The rear one looks like its almost 3inches wide(will measure at some point). The only thing i dont absolutely love is the drum brake, which has almost zero stopping power. The coaster brake is awesome though. The nexus hub shifts extremely smoothly and is my new favorite hub. The bike is also very light for its size which i found surprising. I am going to order one of the 4 stroke mounting plates just to see how it fits and such since they are cheap. I am very likely going to use the 99cc hf engine (they no longer carry the 79cc, but its nearly identical), with a bunch of performance parts from, david is the man and i get all my go kart parts from him. I think that the hf engine should give me good performance and reliability while remain pretty quite.
    p.s. which vendors have the 4 stroke mounting plate? the only place ive found is out of stock and the other place wants twice as much for it.
  15. jim_himself

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    Well after working on the bike some more i got the drum brake to work a little better but its still very weak. Im likely going to make an adapter to fit a disc brake. It also appears that the 4 stroke mounting plate is fifty bucks at all the vendors now.
  16. greguk

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    Friction drive + Honda gx35. At least you will do it fast without scratching paint on frame.
    Change tyres on CrazyBob-s.

    At least it will be light.
  17. jim_himself

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    Im going to go with an in frame mount, i just havent decided which one. The honda 35cc is just too weak.
  18. jim_himself

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    After exploring just about every single engine option, i am very curious about the 125cc dirt bike engines. You can get them with everything you need to run it for around $250. I can make mounts and brackets. I was wondering if i would have to run a jackshaft to get the proper gear ratio, and if 41 or 415 chain would fit on the engines 420 sprocket. i know this would be alot of engine for a bicycle, but i intend to run it cautiously. I also know that it wont be street legal, but i only really use the bike in my neighborhood, which is large and very hilly, so its not a problem.