New Felt Slater Build With Honda Gc160 Motor

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  1. vintech59

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    Hello, I'm Vintech59,

    Obviously New To This Forum And Motorized Bicycles. My Brother Got Me Hooked On These Bikes And I Ended Up Building This Bike (2011 Felt Slater), For The Last 3 Months With The Help Of Cad/cam And Cnc Machines. I'm Using A Honda Gc160 Motor Mounted Vertically (and Level) By Cutting Out A 4" Section Of The Center Seat Post Tube, And Installing A "billet" Aluminum Section Which Doubles As A Bearing Support For The Gtc Cvt Unit It Runs. I'll Keep Some More Photos Coming If You Guys Want To See More.


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  2. chainmaker

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    Thats a nice looking bike! Like the work with the mounts. And Im sure everyone would love to see more pics.
  3. Happy Valley

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    Welcome to the forum. You obviously have design and machining skills with what I see so far. I don't see any welding on the frame which is probably a very good thing avoiding the need for heat re-treating, if I'm assuming correctly it's aluminum. I think Felt went to steel on that model in 2012.

    Is it a race bike for the track or use on the street and if the later I'm curious what the legal status of a bike like will be in your area? Also, if you're going to have pedals on it, scooter or motorcycle? It seems like pushing well the limit of a motored bicycle.
  4. vintech59

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    Yes, This Bike Was Built To Race And Hopefully Will Function Well, All Billet Parts Are Machined From Solid 6061-t6 Aluminum For Good Weight To Strength Ratios.
  5. MotorBicycleRacing

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    I am blown away by your build! Very impressive and matches
    those high quality Felt motor mounts that you and your brother make.

    You got #78 so see you at the Grange race track in April. You are
    going to have so much fun racing in the fast growing 4 stroke class!

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  6. vintech59

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    More Shots Of My Felt Slater With Gc160 Bike

    Been Working On The Slater Intensely The Past Couple Weeks, Here Is How It Looks Today.

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  7. curtisfox

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    Boy now thats some nice AWESOME work love it..........Curt
  8. vintech59

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    Thanks, it's been a lot of fun building this bike!
  9. MotorBicycleRacing

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    That's a really tight fit!
    I love all the details that you have made like how the
    fuel valve comes out sideways.
    Can't wait to see it up close at the race.
  10. babyliston

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    Hi Vin, that is a very beautiful bike but I have a couple of questions

    Beautiful bike Vin! what mounting kit did you purchase to mount the gc160 ? and I see that you used a vertical gc160 but isn't it more standard to use a horizontal for a bicycle ? I thought it was, I'm just asking because I am about to purchase the same engine any information would be a great help' thank you.
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  11. wheelbender6

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    Wow. looks like it was built by a professional racing shop. I especially the way you compensated for the removal of part of the seat post.
  12. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Mounting kit? lol
    Richard has access to all the CNC machines at Joker Machine Inc and the skills to program the parts.

    There were about 3 of this model built with GC 160's. All of them have had the motors replaced
    with Briggs Animal 209's now.

    Check out

    Here are 2 of them raced by his son and nephew at Socal Motor Bicycle Racing.