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    New to site looking to build a motorized bike for fishing. I will use it to get to the launch point for my rafts after droping them off at the top of a river and driving the truck to the bottom of the river for recreation fishing pourposes. Much cheaper than driving two trucks to any area I plan to fish. Not to mention what a great money saver for those local trip to the store. My main goal in joining this site is to obtain information on building a suitable bike for traveling distances of 5 to 20 mile up steep or long gradients. 41 now but had a great Honda moped when I was a kid. I intend to pick the brains of the experienced on this site. I am very excited about gaining the knowledge and the tips I will need to learn during my first adventure into motorized bike building. Who knows maybe I will gain a new hobbie! I will point out the fact that I do not tolerate BS I will not foreward money for ANYTHING If I cannot confirm that a company is ligit (I do not do PayPal) I will not do buisiness with that entiity. If I cannot get multiple references I will not acknowledge the existence. In other words I will not be scammed so please DO NOT TRY! If ya do I will not hesitate to contact the proper authorities. That being said I am looking foreward to a new challenge and hopefully some new friends. Glad to be here! Pete

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