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  1. Tom

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    I thought I would throw this one up too just for fun

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    Excellent idea, Mr. Speaker

    This is perfect.....

    First, the backstory......Divine Intervention/Government Incompetence

    My darling daughter lives in Salisbury, NC, along with the off-line "brains" of United Smiths of America. On my return journey via Amtrak, I was a southbound passenger on the following train derailment, I have the stub in Google Picasa, tell me how to make it my "avatar".......

    And after the 10 hours episode (thank god we were'nt on the 10th floor of a bombed building, or a rooftop in NewOrleans), me and five strangers discussed the derailment in the barcar, plus I showed them 5 planks the United Smiths of America came up with.

    This was the THIRD pre-Katrina episode I witnessed, telling me, "we are screwed", the first in 1978 when we broke into the nuclear fallout shelter underneath the Abbey Church in St. Bernard Alabama, found tins of moldy 1960's crackers as the "food" in case of emergency.

    So, this is a great place to discuss common sense government, the United Smith's of America.

    Plank 1-Revoke every pension/insurance perk for "elective/elected" officials, the dole is over for millionaires who got us here in the first place.

    Plank 2-Bring back "exile" to quickly deal with dictators involved with crimes against humanity. My Sisters in Benedictines for Peace assure me that St. Helena Island (Napolean) or Antarctic moonlike pods appear feasible and justified.

    Plank 3-Mint a one dollar and 5 dollar coin.

    Plank 4-Education-uniforms work/year round calender works/segregation of sexes benefits both groups. Just do it.

    Plank describes it best. 10,000 nuclear warheads is a tad uberboard in the US arsenal. Tractors/waterpumps replace arming the rest of the world. Our helicoptors are threatened with clones of the same missles we gave the Afgans in the 1980's.

    This is serious, folks, looking for ideas the 80% of citizens can agree on.

    Estate tax? Environment? Hubble versus "return to the moon"? "Corporate welfare (agri. bill favoring Con-Agra/ADM versus small farmers")

    These are the "dead horses in Main Street", dealt with promptly. 80% of us can agree on "spammers", probably legislate something to deal with it in less than a week.

    Anyway, love to hear from other citizens.

    United "my name ain't Smith" of America.

    "If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it still is a foolish thing" Anatole France
  3. bamabikeguy

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    Plank #6 - Fully scour the patent office, nationalize "energy conservation" devises hidden by pubically traded/regulated corporations.

    Plank #7- People before corps, bankruptcy/prescription/interest rates/utilities/ etc. etc.
  4. Tom

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    Create huge tax burdens for people who are going to drive gas guzzling SUVs, and cuts for peope who drive efficiant vehicles.
  5. bamabikeguy

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    The "SUV" surcharge would be natural IF the price of gas was realistic. They are saying this "lower before the election" is a Goldman Sachs commodity shenanigan (the new Sec of Treas), but the price versus barrel of oil price is out of kilter on the graphs.
    And the price does not include the military to guard the supply line, nor the future cost of correcting global warming.
    And the energy policy/corn-based (con agra/ADM) ethanol would collapse if we bought all the sugar cane we can get hold of, AT A REASONABLE PROFIT TO THIRD WORLD FARMERS.

    This whole "mystery" of why gas prices dropped, people changed their habits at $3 gas, and the lower/lower middle continue to carpool while the consumption stays the same. ???

    THINK OF THIS- In WW II there was "rationing". How could a fair/balanced plastic card type rationing system be implemented??? To force a drop of 10% per year, for 5 years?
    :idea: Just a mental puzzle, winner gets to be "sec of gas rationing." :idea:
  6. Why dont Bike companys make bik v frame bikes any more.... All the vframes are too small for engine.
  7. Edward

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    Not so, the "Bratz" bike (aprox. $59 on sale @ W-Mart) can fit an engine w/ a 90 degree intake adapter, the plug electrode fits inside the frame perfect. Its a kids bike but would be a good starting point.
  8. Cookie

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    The Rolan cruser works great and the track bike works but the Track is a little more $$$ I do not like the wal mart brand the welds are not that strong.
  9. Cookie

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    BAMA I bet you listen to COAST to COAST late at night :lol: Art Bell on the weekends LOLOL do I :)

    easy on the SUV guys I drive a Forester and it gets great gas milage and it is a SUV just a little one :eek:

  10. Tom

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    I dont understand how some people drive these old lifted trucks with really loud exhaust that get about 8 mpg. i get 80 mpg. I pay about 3 bucks to go 80 miles, and they have to pay 30 to go 80 miles... I just don't get why anyone would do that.
  11. gone_fishin

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    maybe a perverted quest for self-worth based on expensive possessions?
  12. Edward

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    Look at it from their view point, that ratty loud pickup that they drive gets them to work for around $40 bucks a week with another $20 if they go muddin' on the week-end. They paid $500 bucks for it 5 years ago, its easy to fix, no computers, no mechanics. Its probably been through a few accidents before and after they got it. Now try to convince them that they should buy a new Prius. $400 a month plus full coverage insurance, higher registration fees, an engine compartment that looks like something off of star trek, can't be fixed anywhere but the dealership 100 miles away, and if one their drinking buddies runs into it with their 69 Chevy 4x4 at anything over 10 mph. its totalled. Trust me I get to tell these guys that the headlight for their GF's deerstruck Lexus is $1500 used plus shipping. I tell them its cheaper to replace the GF.
  13. Tom

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  14. it must be nice to be able to use your bike all year round - in the NE it's freezing goddamn winter for 5 months of the year!