new frame, older bike, WOW it moves!

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    Well I just got done remounting my zoom "80"cc motor on a new frame.
    The old Jamus kept braking at the seat tube. So I got a "new" frame at City Bikes in Portland OR.
    It was a older Giant 20 inch and I asked for something with an 1 !/8th head tube.
    The frame I picked up had a 1 1/8th head tube but it was not set up for suspension fork so it was
    unstable (BB too high) so I dug around and found a 1 1/8 threaded fork Then I brazed on new V-brake
    bosses for it. I also found a stem that fit (140mm) along with some old bars that are alot older than
    quite a lot of people I know.

    Since the headset I had in the shop was bad I got another and then I installed it and the brakes + shifter
    I only need one chainring because with a 34 in front and a 11-32 in back I have lots of range and with my
    SBP pipe it really can get out of its own way. Its been about a month since I have a motor between my legs
    and I forgot how fast that thing can go.

    Its got a SBP tuned pipe and a thinner head gasket plus a 36 tooth rear cog that I have bolted to a DEORE disk brake hub. last time I had a computer on it It came very close to forty on the flats with my old frame. I am hoping with the better rider position I may get a few more mph out of it.

    I have been riding my pedal touring bike (read heavy, poderuous but stable) and my road bike (lighter,quicker but
    winpy motor) Now I can't wait to get my motor bike on the road. All I have to do is set it up with fenders,
    rack and some lights and I will be set for the rest of the fall and some of the winter.

    I will post some more pics as I get it done

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  2. cpuaid

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    nice build. looks like she's built for speed. i go through a bike a month trying to find the perfect compromise between strength and weight. recently came across a gary fisher marlin. small and very light frame. good components. too bad she's in mint condition and too pretty to mess it up by mounting my grubee on her.
  3. Will Snow

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    Nice job

    Being able to do the work you can do must make putting together these motorized bicycles a fun project.

    I too want to install a front brake on a nice set of forks I bought but installing a front brake is not that easy with my limited ability. I'll get done some kind of way but it probably will not be as neat as what you have done.

    Thank you for sharing your project, I for one liked reading about and seeing this nice bike.

    Best Regards

    Will Snow
  4. retromike3

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    front brake studs

    What I had to do was build a "jig" that clamped the brake bosses to the fork. this was not as easy as it might appear.

    next time Ill make one that is easier to adjust.

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  5. toad772

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    wow that exhaust goes pretty low