New frame or Not!Need Help deciding!!! HELP PLeASE!!VERY IMPORTANT!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by StrontiumEthics, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. StrontiumEthics

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    Heres the problem. I want to put a motorized engine on my bike. But I have rear disc brakes with no v brakes mount on my frame. So Im contemplating weather I should Just role without back brakes. Then again I believe like 70% of braking power is in the front. So what would you recommend me to do? Just stick with front brakes and rely on the engine's drag as a back brake, or get a new frame, which will be quiet alot of money. Also not to long ago I got this MTB frame, like 1-2 months ago, and all parts are on it. So if i make the change it will be alot of money wasted. What should I do? lol = ) I love the Idea, but I dont want it to drill my pocket. Furthermore, I dont plan to go THAT FAR! with it if I make it, perhaps like 5- 10 miles tops each trip, most likely even less. Will I really Need that back brakes? I even took it off my bike now to see how it might feel, and im not having any problems with anything, when I used my back brakes it locks up so much that it scids dangerously (Avid BB7), there great by the way. Most of the time I use them I scid so usually I use my front. But the thing IM worried about is if I go like 40mph on the motorized bike can I still use my front brake for a gradual slow down. I also have Avid bb7 in the front. There apsolulty great, they stop in any conditions rain, mud, etc. Thats why im not to worried about my front stoping power. In addition, I live in brooklyn, NY which is consistantly flatland, so no elevations . So fellas based on my Dillema do you think I should just stick with the frame I got, or spend some more $ on a new one which I really dont want to.

    -Strontium E.

  2. NunyaBidness

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    you could swap the rear wheel out for a coaster brake wheel. that way you can still have a rear brake without you disc brake on the bike. just hold on to the disc wheel and rear brake system so you can swap it back in the future.
    a lot of people use a coaster brake on the back and move the front brake lever to the right hand side, and put the clutch lever on the left so the motor bike is set up like a motorcycle
  3. StrontiumEthics

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    Nope I cant because I need the disc mount on the hub because thats where I plan to mount the motor sprocket, instead of the stock one. lol nice try .
  4. ocscully

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    There is a member of this forum who managed to mount both his drive sprocket and brake rotor to his rear hub and keep the brake operational. I can't remember his name but there are photos of his bike and rear wheel on this site in the gallery section some where. Depending on which motor you are using, mounting the driven sprocket out where the rotor mounts creates chain line problems, as the normal 9 bolt sprocket adapter mounts the sprocket approx. 3/4 in. closer to the center line of the bike.

  5. StrontiumEthics

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    I know your being Sarcastic, but what exactly do you mean? besides where I live there isnt much Traffic. So.... = p. Lol
  6. StrontiumEthics

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    Can you elaborate on these problems please? Im going to get a Kings Motor? Will this be a problem?
  7. darwin

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    Can you change the forks to ones that will have v brakes?
  8. lennyharp

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    Disk brakes are good so the frame you got should work fine. For a guy who just joined today you are impatient to get everyone to help you solve problems.
  9. StrontiumEthics

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    Lol im sorry its just that, I am in a great Rush I want to find out everything really quick before I travel, I want to complete before I travel. Forgive me.
  10. NunyaBidness

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    forgiven ;)
    I suggest that you spend a little time reading, that's what I've been doing since I joined.
    I have used the search on occasion but it doesn't seem to be able to help me find what I'm looking for. I have more luck just reading through the forums and checking out the threads that seem to have some of what I'm looking for which is anything and everything that applies, in even very remote ways, to the 70cc HT engine.
    It bears repeating, read read read and then read some more, you will find more info than you can use on your first build.
    I hope you get everything running good and have fun on your motor bike
  11. HI,

    Depending on how pressed you are for time, I am currently working on an adapter to allow one to use the disc mount to mount the drive sprocket AND maintain use of the disc brake....The first prototype (I will post pics soon) will not accomplish this (I have a customer that just wants an adapter to push the sprocket closer to the spokes to get a better chain line (the adapter will put the sprocket essentially where the stock mount would have put the sprocket)....A simple modification and a little bit of additional machining should allow me to make a Disc brake compatible hub adapter though (this is the ultimate goal of my adapter)....

    Hope this helps you.

  12. sparky

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    That sounds hot, Andy!
  13. StrontiumEthics

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    Hey Andy, remember me of Ebay? I emailed you inquiring about the sprocket, and the use of Nitrous Oxide. I didnt know you were on the forums as well. lol Keep in touch. :smile:
  14. lennyharp

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    This adapter sounds good to me.
  15. MasterLink

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    dude i looked over your posts you need every bit of stooping power you can find.. i would not care if i had a car drum brake on the front you will need to keep the bike level so a back brake is most needed something to make what you have work you sound a bit speed happy its.. not about speed its about being safe you will get hurt if you have some one pull in front of you lets say making a left you grab the hook the a s s end of the bike will whip you off this is not like driven a car or a motorcycle or a moped cars will not respect you or see you.. i live in Chicago you are in NY iam thinking traffic is the same and remember the world will be watching you dont get yourself on the news for the kid that got hit and killed this is not like riding anything u ever road before i have come down on you hard and straight from the hip
    if you would hit the road at 30 mph you might not ever make it ..back on a bike we have to maintain safety this is a great thing to have a bike go like this just lets keep it goin safe so you and others can enjoy it also