new friction drive build!

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  1. masterx1234

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    hey guys check out my new friction drive build,
    motor: 52cc goped motor
    kit: with 1.25 inch drive roller

    close up.jpg


  2. is the the pipe from a frame mounted motor?
  3. masterx1234

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    yes and it sound sweet! it has no baffle
  4. happycheapskate

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    Hey that is great. I am going to buy that kit. My wife will moan about it, but she can ride the happytime beach hog. Gas is going up again; you know it. A used 10 speed and a BMP with a good solid Harbor Freight type engine should do for years. Tired of the happytimes.

    Which roller are you using. How do you like it?
  5. masterx1234

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    i got the 1.25 inch drive roller and it does well on the flats but not so good on hills probably because i weigh 260 pounds (and im not even fat!) top speed so far is 18.6 MPH on flats, its currently not working because the carburetor was giving the motor too much fuel flooding it out and the air/fuel screws didnt help, monsterscooterparts is gonna send me another carb for free!, they have the best customer service and ship fast

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    Masterxs, My First Build Is A Diy Bmp Type Friction Drive With 49cc 2 Stroke Pocket Bike Motor ( Looks Like Your Engine) And The 1 1/4" Free Wheel Roller. With A 180 Lb Rider It Clocked At 35 Mph With My Pickup. When You Get Your Carb Right And Fuel/oil Mix Right You Should Get Over 30 Mph Or More With Your Weight. I Would Recommend The Thin Tire Liners. I Used Slime Tubes, But They Are Heavy. I Like The Bmp Unit And The Service Is Great. He Has Some Great Vid `s On U Tube. The 52cc Should Be A Nice Combo. The Friction Drives Are Simple And I Had No Problems Or Flats With Mine. I Ran Close To 50 Lbs Of Air In The Rear Tire. With 52cc You May Want To Be Gentile With The Throttle. Tires Are Supposed To Last 1500 Miles, But That Is With Smaller Motors. Ron
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    Sounds like a crappy deal if you only go 18mph tops.

    Maybe it just needs a bigger roller. Hahaha the math wizards corrected me. Excuse my drinking!

    10000 RPM x 1.5"x 3.14 (close enough?) = 47100 Inches minute
    3925 Feet minute
    about 44mph assuming no slippage at all, for illustration purposes. Don't you math wizards start flaming.

    hahhahaha. [​IMG] Old drawing of people drinking beer on back patio

    EDIT: Yeah, I was wondering! The guy posted above, saying his did about 35 with a pocketbike engine. I thought these things were around 30mph, and probably scary fast with a goped engine and big roller.
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    Tires are about $8-15 at www.niagaracycle, huge stock of 26" fractional and metric, 27" fractional, and 700c. They have lots of the Tioga type mountain bike slicks.
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    It looks like you are doing well with the knobby tires and riding in the mud. All the hype says that these roller drives can't work with knobby tires and slip terribly with any unimproved surface roads.

    Tell us more!

  10. TREEWK

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    When we clocked the 49cc friction drive at top speed, i think he was nervous, he had like a speed wobble!! He must have been hanging on too tight! Happy, haven`t had no fun since i quit drinking 14 yrs ago!! Ron
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    well it does slip occasionally and i have to pedal with it when going up a steep hill, the starnge thing is when i give it full throttle it doesnt seem like its giving it full power, and i know it can rev faster, hope the new carburetor will cure this problem
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    The 52cc Mite Be Better With The 1 1/2" Rubber Roller From Bmp. Not For Speed, But For Fuel Milage. Used My Gps Street Pilot On My Shifter Bike For Speedo. Got Up To 32 Mph In 5th Gear, Scary Fast With The Stock Spokes And My Fat Butt Over 300 Lbs. Never Got My 25cc Jackshaft Friction Drive Running. "zipcycle" Was Turning The Engine Backwards With The Electric Drill. Duh!! Ron

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    Some More Pic`s For Anyone That Is Interested. As The Saying Go`s; Spent Most Of My Money On Bicycle`s And Motor`s, The Rest I Just Wasted!! Ron

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  14. happycheapskate

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    I think with the poly 1.5 roller, you would also save your tires, if its fitted tightly.
    That might be the best option for a 700c road bike.

    I'm secreting money in a jar and plotting to buy the BMP roller and probably the Harbor Freight copy 52. Those goped/ATV engines with the 4hp and walbro carbs are sure tempting for $230 though. There is a "juice box" fuel evaporation chamber for $20 too.
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  16. happycheapskate

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    re: maxter's youtube video. Looks like the motor system works ok. What is wrong with your brakes?!

    Maybe you need new pads or an adjustment.
  17. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Ron, you're such an inspiration! Whenever I feel like I'm getting carried away with my MB projects, I think of you.

    Why did you raise your gas tank so high, on your white Mongoose dual-suspension bike?

    On your EZ Roller Regal trike, is your engine only driving the right rear tire, and how does that affect steering?

    Sorry for questions to Ron, OP.:bowdown:
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    Hey Buddy. I Think We Keep Each Other Busy More Than Most Members!!! Lol

    This Afternoon, Have Been Having A H@ll Of A Time Trying To Post Pic`s To Pickets Dual Drive.

    Ok, Here Is The Story On The High Gas Tank Mount.

    I Switched A Low Mounted Gas Tank Which Was On A Regular 49cc Cag Motor To The Cag With Big Bore 52cc Kit. The Separate Cyclinder Head Was Larger And The Cooling Fins Melted Thru The Tank. Installed The Tall Tank And It Never Restarted, Almost 2 Yrs Ago. It Is In Solitary Confinement Since!! Lol.

    Pic Of My Hero.


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  19. TREEWK

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    The trike, yes just the right wheel drives. Only rode it a couple miles at most. They feel weird, especially with big ole me. Like it is going to tip over and it did torque to the left, if i remember correctly.

    You boys are rocking with your hot rods!

  20. masterx1234

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    UPDATE: better

    check it out, i got a brand new motor on it with custom fox racing shox sponsor!