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    I have been an avid bike rider for at least 20 years and have 4 bikes now. A very pricy TI road bike, which I have done many many 100 mile rides and bike tours and will still ride this bike with my friends but I am excited about a gas bike. A custom built touring bike which I had an electric motor on and now am putting on a gas motor, and a Bike Friday folding bike and a cheap MTN bike. I started with the MTN bike but couldn't get the motor to fit. My question is that I need shifters and brake levers on both sides of the handelbars so where do I put the clutch lever. Thanks for the help and I hope the question isn't too stupid.

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    Hello from a fellow newbie in California.
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    There is no such thing here, as a stupid question.
    You can put the clutch lever on the left so that it hangs downward a bit OR get or make one of those brake levers which hold both cables on the right hand, thus all stopping is controled there.
    You can adjust the bias of the braking also with the little adjusting screws on the handle. I made one by welding two steel bodied clamp section handles together (only one has the clamp) and uses both levers. A little more to have to grab, but no problem stopping. I read about a sngle lever controling both brakes right here- great idea.
    However, I still like having a brake on each hand for moving the bike around and being able to hold a brake down so the bike doesn't roll.