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    Hello All...Just joining up to become part of this network of builders. I first noticed the motorized bicycles in my area last year. As they have become more popular so did my interest. I began to search the Web and found this site and all it's members. So I decided to purchase a kit, which was the 49cc model from a well known EBay site from Canada. Next I decided on a bike. I went for the popular choice, a Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser. Since I live close to the US boarder I headed off to Walmart and picked one up. These bikes not for sale in Canada. I worked with the kit provided and after setting up the bike, I decided that the factory pinky red colour wasn't cutting it. After viewing several bikes in black this style I painted mine black also. I have uploaded several pictures of the completed bicycle for your members to check out. Any questions on the build or problems I had on the build feel free to ask. Thanks Dan

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    hey Dan, welcome aboard
    can't wait to see some pics of your build
    good luck and happy motoring
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    Thanks...Hopefully it will stop raining in my area so I can ride.. :(
    The pics are posted in the gallery under Black Beach.