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    Hello I'm from Idaho and just finished installing a 66cc flying horse on my mountain bike. I have hardly any mechanical skill but this isn't to bad and have found the forums very helpful. I have had a few problems like everybody else, but so far have been able to figure it out. One problem I am having now I may end up posting about but am still doing searches to try to figure it out first. I purchased the motor in order to have a river shuttle. My first love is fly fishing and use my bike to float the rivers here. I have a system where I attach a child bike trailer to my bike that I put my inflatable boat in. I throw the bike on a rack on the back of my car and park where I want to get out of the river and ride the bike with my boat to where I want to put in. Then I float back down to my car. I have also had a lot of fun driving it around town. I'm definitely addicted and plan on getting another one soon. :D