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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by H8Cops, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. H8Cops

    H8Cops Guest

    Hello everyone! I have been riding since March of this year. All was awesome untill September 17th when I was arrested for driving while revoked and my bike was impounded. :veryangry: I told my public pretender about the new Low-speed gas bicycle laws in IL and he seems to think this will all be dropped. Find out more on the 5th of September. I miss my bike so bad! :icon_cry:

  2. A_FITZ

    A_FITZ Member

    Hey man sorry to hear.

    Thats pretty...messed up. Your doing the world a service by driving one of these things. And hah, like so many cars do 10mph over the speed limit. Possibly more! Atleast your driving safer than so many gas guzzling cars...that have 5 seats yet 1 person drives it.

    I hope for the best man, I feel your pain. If I didn't have my bike.... ... and I just got the bike 3 days ago. Its addicting. Everyone stops and compliments it, asks about it too.

    btw.. you said find out more the 5th of September? Do you mean November? Its already oct.