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  1. thomas r.

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    Hi all,

    I am just about finished with mounting a motor to my bike from a homelite motor. This is a custom job I have been working on for about 3 years. Now that I am finished I am bummed because I can't go anywhere because of the weather. It sits in the living and it's baskets are currently being used as a book rack and the handle bars are being used for a coat rack. Is there anybody here that is within a couple hundred miles of Buffalo, NY who would like to contact me? Thanks


  2. fundreamer1

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    I not in NY, but I was wondering if you could post some pictures?
  3. thomas r.

    thomas r. New Member

    I will in a couple of days. I have to wait till some parts dry, I painted them, before I put them back on the bike. Then I have to figure out how to post pics here.

  4. professor

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    Hi Tom, there are a couple of us around Buffalo.
    I'm in W. Seneca, I bought a moped in Lockport so I could convert my ride into it.
    Oh, to do pics, hit the "advanced" box (below) as you are doing your post, then pull the screen down until you see a box called -Manage Attachments-click that and another small screen will come up where you can place pics on your post.
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  5. machiasmort

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    Yeah! We want pics!

    Glad I caught your post Tom! Our hobby is starting to spread a little bit up here finally! Glad you signed up! Only a few more months of this and then it's time to ride! Look on the bright side!