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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mudbug, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. mudbug

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    Having been exposed to this hobby just a month or so ago..I have to say I never knew there was such a following for this.

    I'm amazed at some of the details involved in some of these builds and while I can appreciate most all the styles exhibited... I must confess to being partial to the retro/vintage bikes that resemble or replicate the turn of the last century style bikes...

    If I can build something along these lines....

    I'll be a happy camper.... Simon!...You done good.

    Until I can master that level and to get a bit of practice on this.... I'll try to build a standard 49cc unit from a kit before I really step off into this..

    Gotta love the internet.... what a learning experience and method of exposure for things that aren't always available.

    I'll be doing some in depth research on this hobby and I'm sure I'll have some questions...LOL

  2. PatrickW

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    Welcome to MBc...morored bikers have a little saying...First you learn from us, then we learn from you. And there is some mighty fine talent here just waiting to, don't be shy about asking questions...everyone was new, once. Hope you enjoy.
  3. PatrickW

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    Btw, I don't know exactly where you are in LA (except maybe in the 'mud'<grin>, but is the oil causing you any immediate problems? (Other than havoc on the economy.) You see the problem first hand, is the media giving us the straight scoop, or are they just blowing smoke up our tail pipes as usual?
  4. mudbug

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    Thanks for the Welcome Patrick... I can relate to that comment about learning...

    I'm way up north in Louisiana close to Shreveport so I don't have much first hand knowledge about the spill. I think the coastline of Louisiana doesn't lend itself well to oil though.... unlike a sandy beach,most of Louisiana is marsh area with nooks & cranies & and swamp grass that reall hides the mess.

    I thought it would be better to use a controlled burn in those areas to burn off the sludge that's been deposited there,but that's just my own idea. I can't imagine going there and attempting to clean each blade of swamp grass by hand.....just burn off a few feet along the coast and get rid of it.

    I haven't talked to any relatives along the coast,but from the local news pictures I've seen I don't get the impression it's nearly as bad as Washington is making out it is ..More scare mongering than reality...(my opinion) I can't imagine it's doing the seafood industry any favors though... all that oil went somewhere and it's bound to have an effect on the fishing..
  5. Welcome.

    Just wondering if you knew who built that bike. Is that a CVT on it?
  6. mudbug

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    S-L... A fellow named Simon from Australia built it. I liked it so well I printed a picture of it and stuck it on the dresser mirror to remind me what can be accomplished if you try.

    Here's a link to his thread about it...perhaps it will answer your questions about it.. If not you can contact him thru that thread.

    Hope that helps.
  7. Thanks. Really want some gind of gears (or CVT) but don't want to go through my derailleur.
  8. SimpleSimon

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    Glad to see you on the site, mudbug. Where in north Lousyanna are you? I'm in Shreveport, and will start cutting steel today to build a LWB recumbent tadpole trike to replace the delta trike that got backed over by an idiot in a parking lot. I've been out of town the last two weeks or I'd already be well on the way with that project.

    This hobby is addictive, take that as a fair warning. Even broke down (and broke) gimps like me can really get into it.
  9. mudbug

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    Hey Simon... I'm already addicted :sweatdrop: Spent 3 hours on ebay last night looking at seats,motors(all types),frames,wheels..... So I'm figuring that qualifies as addicted.

    I started out thinking about a reverse trike (full size) then thought I'd practice on a Mustang scooter replica,but once I saw these boardtrack replicas being built around here.... That did it... They are just too interesting a vehicle to ignore.

    I'm over in Homer,but my shop is in Athens. I just need to get some room in the shop to actually accomplish some fabrication (after it cools down some!)