New From Massachusetts


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Jan 28, 2008
Hey Everyone,

I'm Jon. I'm new here. I ordered my 50cc engine kit from thatsdax last week sometime so I'm anxious for it to get here (the 10 day shipping lead time is killing me!! luckily, its too cold and I'm too busy to install it right now)

I've been curious/obsessed with trying to put a motor on my bike for a long time, though, this is my first project in doing so. I mainly wanted to do it for economic/exercise reasons. When I was in high school (before I got my license), I rode my bike everywhere, but since I started driving, I've gotten quite lazy. So I want to get into biking (even if I start off letting the motor do most of the work).

I'm a very handy/mechanical person but I don't have much experience with engines and such so this is gonna be a bit tricky. It seems like you guys really know what you're doing and the instructions on thatsdax's site are really in depth (though, as a web app programmer, the design kills me).

So, I guess I'll let you guys know more about my project as it progresses. Right now, this is just the intro.

Happy Motoring! :LOL:


Welcome to MBc. :cool:
Luckily there is lots to read here while you wait for your motor.