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    Hello everyone my name is Chris. I've been lurking for a few weeks now and finally joined up. I reside in Lee's Summit (Kansas City metro area for those not familiar). Just turned 42 in July and have been involved with biking and bike building (assembly really) and restoration for about 10 years or so. My passion is Old school BMX bikes but I also have a love for beach cruisers both vintage and new.

    I recently just bought a 66cc Kings motor Skyhawk GT-5 from a friend who just got bored with his project. My intention is to install it onto a Schwinn Heavy Duti frame set I scored at a swap meet a few weeks back. It runs and all of the pieces are there with a few extra goodies that haven't been installed yet. I don't plan to use it for transportation just a fun project.

    I'm still trying to work out which wheels I want to go with. I have a 26" Araya aluminum, freewheel hub set or a set of 24" aluminum with coaster brake. I have the 26"s in hand but they need to be rebuilt for strength. Spokes are old and loose. The 24's are not mine just yet and they are built with what appears to be 12 ga spokes with some nice 3" tires. I worry about tire clearance with the 24x3 set though.
    EDIT: looking back I think these are 24x2.3 Kenda K1016 Kiniption tires. Confirmation to come later.

    I plan to start putting this together soon but I want to narrow down my wheel choice. I can always change tires if the 3" tires don't work out. After reading through the forum I worry about the rag joint causing premature fatigue and spoke destruction. I saw someone mention in a post about a manic mechanic sprocket adapter which looks like it might work better on the coaster brake hub over the smaller aluminum shell SR hub on my 26" wheel. Any experience with that adapter? Pros and cons?

    EDIT: From what I read from other's experience this looks like a great adapter for those wanting to avoid the rag mount version.

    Anyway, I plan to post some pics soon of my project. Nice to meet you all and thanks for sharing so much information. It is helpful to read the stickies etc and see what has worked or not worked for different builds.

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    Yeah the fork is bent and has since been replaced with another fork. And yeah the motor is in backwards too. I was worried it wouldn't fit and only realized after I took the pic that I had it turned around. haha.
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    Welcome looking forward to your pictures.