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    Hello, my name is Matt, known as Geezer52 here. I work in a factory running a press brake, bending parts for grain bins. I guy I work with has a boygofast kitted 24" Huffy. He also found an adult trike with a briggs 3hp in the back driving the left back wheel.I can't talk him out of it, believe me, I've tried.
    So I have this briggs 3hp horz shaft engine with good compression, and a 26"rollfast boys bike. Also have a shimano 3 speed internal hub. So here's the plan.
    Take the cog off of the 3 speed hub, and bolt it to the other side. Then mount a v-belt pulley where the cog was. Next run a v-belt as a slip clutch, and put it all in a box on the left side. Next, run a chain drive to the left side of the back wheel, from the 3speed hub. In addition to the coaster brake, I'll add a caliper to the front. I'll also add lights and stuff.
    I'm hoping to get up to about 45mph and ride it to work, bbout 9 miles.

    So will this work? Or am I as crazy as my wife says I am? I look forward to any advice you folks can give me. Thanks!