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    new here from humboldt county. building a bike to put a motor in (no motor yet.) thought i'd check it out and see whats here. pic of the bike the other day, have since changed out the bars for something a little shorter and fixed the original banana seat and remounted. i'll put up some new pics soon. looking to mount something in the front rearend. basically took an old lowrider/stingray style bike and added a rear suspension to it. added a derailleur (sp) to allow the chain to flex when the shocks activate. need to replace the springer, might try making one. over all smooth ride. hard on your knees to pedal for any distance because of the low seat height and short length of pedals, but i think the right motor will cure that. hoping to find a 50 cc motorcycle engine with a manual transmission to squeeze into it, but for now anything will do to make it interesting. i live in a place that used to be a bike library so i've got quite a few parts and some interesting bikes around. like i said i'll put up more pics later.

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    Interesting frame you've got there.

    You might squeeze an HT (chinese 2 stroke) into that front frame - it's hard to tell from that pic. If so, an SBP jackshaft kit would then let you transfer power through your primary drive loop, and use the gearing on the bike.

    From the background of that picture I get a pretty clear idea of what you mean about "quite a few parts" - is that where all the old bicycles on the West Coast went to die? That mountain of rims and tire is amazing.

    Welcome to the board - I already suspect you could get to be a really popular guy if you have an inventory of the old parts there.
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    well i was looking at some of the available bike specific motors and it just seems like they are lacking from the factory. i'd like to find an nsr 50 or an rs 50 engine(and trans) and then do whatever i have to do to squeeze it into the front rearend. they came with 6 speeds in the case and about 9 horse stock. i think i can gusset enough to make it hold together, but i'm beginning to worry about the availability of high speed tires. i may have to set it up for motorcycle wheels, but right now the plan is to build a flip flop rear wheel that is fixed and free and run the motor on the left (fixed) side. so i can pedal it and pedal start it, and i think if the hub is built right i won't tear up wheels and spokes so fast. i really intend to build it to be pretty ridiculous (even more than it already is). that frame is about 6' long right now. about 6 1/2 with the wheels on. here's another pic from before some reorganizing. and actually most of the bikes and frames are off to the right in this pic.

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    Welcome to the forum!
    That is quite a collection of bicycle bones you have there!