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  1. i have a 26" roadmaster sport mountain bike
    48cc dualstart starfire GT2 grubee
    44T sprocket
    top speed so far= 28mph easy - stock
    average cruising speed 20mph
    it will do more but i dont think the bike will hold up
    i will be happy to answer questions

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    Hi, how are you. welcome to the forum. I've been investigating the new grubees. All I have now are friction drives . I was just wondering how many miles you've put on yours so far. It seems like everyone shears off the engine bolts before 1000 miles. Any problems with any of it so far? Thanks
  3. about 10-15miles so far,and no problems with bolts.
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    Responding cause i am in ny.
    Do you have it registered.
    It would be considered a moped and you have to get licensed and insured and inspected like a motorcycle.
    I live in brewster,ny.
    Even if it was legal i would not survive more than a minute,because if you are in the way of traffic you going to get hurt bad.People are in a hurry and not considerate at all!
    I do live 3 to 5 miles from CT,and could ride there,it is legal there under 50cc.
    THKS RW:thinking:
  5. i dont have it registered and you cant because its not legal to have a motor on a bike in ny.a electric bike is ok,but the one i had was ****,so i said what the **** and i ordered a gas engine kit for the same price as batteries.i live in a small town in upstate ny near the canadian border.the cops dont seem to know i have a engine on my bike or dont care.i slow down and ghost peddal when i see a popo,but i leave the engine on.
    i dont ride it crazy or anything,i ride it like a bike,but with a engine and obey bike laws and i like to keep it around 20mph.the day someone takes my hard earned bike with engine will have to pry it from my cold dead is america after all.

    its not considered a moped(looks like a bike) and i ride on side of road and stay away from traffic but im in a small town and stay off of busy roads.
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    Why are you two making these statements Cabinfever says can't do it in new york and the other guy says you need insurance and inspections, half true not entirely true. I live in staten island part of NYC and I have registered my bike with the DMV and was given a license plate and there is no insurance or helmet or inspection. Where do some of you guys get your information?
  7. the dmv,look up mopeds and bicycles for ny,its not legal to have anytype of engine electric or gas on a bike in ny,to register you need a moped or motorcycle from a dealer or store and registration or title.
    my dmv would laugh at me and kick my butt out if i told them i wanted to get plates for a bike with a engine.

    if i had a moped it would just need registration(plates)thats it
    no insurance or inspection for a class c moped

    fm2200 tell us how you did it
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    There are 3 Classes of registration, under 20mph- regular license,no insurance,helmet,inspection required. Headlight must be on at all times and that's it. Another classification is speeds of 20 to 30 mph are required to have insurance, helmet, annual inspections. The next is the 30 to 40 mph classification, a motorcycle license is required, insurance, inspection,helmet. No other state that I know of has all these different classifications, and in many ways it's fair and equitable. Most states limit you to engine size and speeds no greater than 30 mph, so it's not as tough as a lot of other states have it.
  9. yes but we dont have a vin number or registration or title to bring to dmv
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    One thing I did not mention you can only have a gas bike approved by the state there are approximately 50 to 60 manufacturers that are on this list. No homemade gas bikes built by kits are allowed, they have to be recognized by the state with a MCO certificate (manufacturers certificate of origin) to get this info you must call 518 474 5282 and he will give you the names of the companies that are approved.
  11. just like buying a moped
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    One thing I can say is that the typical bike you buy at a bike shop or Target, Walmart Sears etc. Have spokes that are only 14 gauge this is not a heavy enough gauge to use on a gas bike the bike I have has a 12 gauge spoke and this is much thicker than the standard 14 gauge spoke. There have been some guys that have had broken spokes and some had crashed because of the wheel completely collapsing due to spokes breaking all at once. Some guys weigh as much as 250 to over 300 lbs and this can and does occur.
  13. i have 12 gauge spokes and i weigh around 120lbs
    and i dont worry,by bike will last longer than me.
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    you the man cabinfever
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    I had assumed you lived upstate.A little more relaxed.
    I am and will put one together.
    I am living on social security fixed income Vietnam vet.!Will take me a little time ,got my titon motor, will have to upgrade my back wheel so on etc.
    Here in brewster ny i would not last long cops everywhere,state and local.
    There are hundreds of illegals or thousands.
    It is the closest town i would go to to get things.
    But i wont take a chance.
    Will take it to CT.which is 4 miles down the road,as long as it is under 50cc it is cool.
    THKS RW:cool: