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    I just stared getting back into bikes and decided to go motorized. I will try to post pics of what I'm starting with. (Don't know if I can on first post)

    Anyway, this is what I have so far, the motor on the donor bike is 4 cycle with 4 speed tranny.





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    Welcome to MBc. It looks like you are off to a dynamic start and you will end up with more of a motorcycle rather than a motored bike. Could you give us a pic of you or someone standing behind the original so we can get some idea of size? It would help a lotto know what you are working with...K? Anyway, don't ever quit dreaming.
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    I will post some more pics tomorrow with my son for a size reference, The bicycle is the Schwinn Stingray OCC Chopper. The mini chopper has a Honda clone engine. I will post pictures of build, so others and myself can learn at the same time of the do's and don'ts. Including the bodywork and paint job of the bike, I intend to paint it yellow with some red striping.
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    Here is the pics I said I would post today.
    I need to find out what my chain size is so I can order the correct sprocket kit for my rear wheel, Any ideas?

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    Finally got my welder fixed, now I can get back to the bike and start posting more pics of my project as it goes.:sunny: