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    I am a machine shop instructor at the Career Tech here in Shawnee. We have a AM and a PM class. this past year in a effort to generate interest in our program we had the students build two motorized bikes. We used Walmart crusiers and 48cc china kits. when they were done we had a speed and milage competion. It was a big hit , even at the open house the superentent and principal took it for a ride.
    I built one for myself with the 66cc motor but one of the 48cc would outrun it badly, untill I took it to my brother the motorcycle mechanic he ported it and tuned and now it runs with good power and speed.
    Since then I ordered a 14speed and used one of the conversion kits to use the gears on the bike and a 48cc kit. I had a learning curve to go though but now have 500 miles on it top speed of 28 mph on flat and level no wind and will pull most hills around here in 3rd gear. Most of the problems we have had are with the bikes not the motors.
    Anyway it is the most fun you can have with your pants on.

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    Welcome to the forum. I can't wait to see what a machinist can come up with for a motor bike.
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    Hello and welcome to MBc. Sounds like you are off to a good start.
    Yes, the department store bikes can be a trial, often better an upgrade to start.
    OK is fairly motorized bike friendly if I remember correctly, is it not?
    Ride safe and have fun.
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    If i remember right OK is very mb friendly.
    Maybe on your next project you can upgrade to a rack mount:)
    welcome to the forum.
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    Thanks for the welcomes, guys. My brother and I are scheming on a tunable exhaust and a varible speed drive working on prototypes, so if any thing works out will post some pics.
    And yes Oklahoma is fairly friendly to MBers