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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by oldguy387, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. oldguy387

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    Wanted to say hello. Am new here from Lehigh Valley area of Pa. I am an avid bike rider (regular kind) and just bought my first engine kit to build my motor bike. So, Hello. Dale

  2. Happy Valley

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    Hey oldguy from another old guy. :D
    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your bike!
  3. Dave C

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    ...this place is SWARMING with old dudes ;)

    If there's something you can't find in a search post a new thread. If you find something in an old thread go ahead and post in it to bring it to the top of the page. I read the old posts and find Lots of good ideas and places to get more goodies for the bike, like that's where I found the Puch head I got for more compression....maybe too much compression...but I doubt it:devilish:
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    Welcome to the forum. I guess there is no chance they would let your motorbike on the velodrome.
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    hey old guy, i live in allentown Pa if u need help or have a question let me know. i built a couple of these. Hee hee
  6. yimmie

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    old guy

    By the way old guy i also am a motorcdycle rider, i have a 900 cc triumph. i have built 3 in frame motorbikes, and 1 adult tricycle (no pedal, 6hp) what kind of motorcycle do u ride? what kind of motorbike are u trying to build?