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    I'll be building a motorized bike using an old steel(no suspension)Trek mountain bike. I think its a 970 model, maybe 950. The motor should arrive this week.

    I have a ~40 mile round trip commute to work each day so I was hoping I can ride the bike a few times each week. The ride is asphalt the whole way, a 18 mile straight shot down a rural 55mph road with a wide space between the shoulder and white line, but will be littered with the usual stuff on the sides of roads..gravel , sticks etc. Then I have to navigate a few city streets. Any suggestions out there on what brand/style of tires to use? Right now I've got all terrian knobbies (26 x 2.1) and I'm assuming they will vibrate like crazy on the asphalt at speed.

    I'm also concerned about getting pulled over, since I see sheriff patrol cars often during my daily commute. I'm still not totally clear on the rules in the sunshine state. I see people riding bikes occasionally on this road, but not too often, so I definitely will get a second glance. Anyone in the Northwest Florida area have good or bad experiences with the blue lights?

    Thanks for reading!

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    Check into the Specialized tire lineup. they make one with what they call "armadillo technology" - there is a kevlar belt in the tire to reduce cuts and slices. look at "hemisphere armadillo" or "crossroads armadillo". i have an older version of the hemisphere - works great.
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    Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!
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    Welcome from Boynton Beach, FL!

    Since we ride with unmarked motors, if you get pulled over, it's 49cc. Other than that, you're perfectly legal.
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    Welcome to mbc. What kind of kit are you getting?
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    Kit type

    I just received the kit from King's motors. Hopefully I'll have it put together this weekend...

    thanks for the replies
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    Welcome from Boynton Beach, FL!
  9. Welcome from the Treasure Coast.....
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    Welcome from Tallahassee, FL.

    What part of town do you live on?

    I just built a motored bike and have been trying to break it in. How has your experience been so far?
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    we keep this up and we will have to start a florida group.
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    Experience so far


    I bought a chineese motor kit and know I've wasted money on better things but can't think of what at the moment.

    I had to replace the stock clutch cable with a custom make from a bike shop and use the existing hand brake lever on my bike to get an easier to pull clutch. I also had to modify the clutch lever (the one on the engine) because the head of the little screw that holds the cable in place broke. So I drilled it out and re-tapped with a 10-32, also put a locking nut under the bolt head to lock it in place. Then, I broke the clutch operating shaft while tightening the acorn nut that holds the clutch lever in place. I wasn't overtightening these items they were just cheap metal. (I'm an mechanical engineering tech. so I work with my hands/tools for a living) Anyway, I'm still getting trying to get the chain aligned properly, so I haven't even broken the engine in yet.

    I don't have high hopes for this thing. And living Florida we have sand everywhere so I expect things to wear out quickly. Mostly I expect the crankshaft seal and or bearing to go as sand accumulates behind the drive gear. i thought about making some kind of chain cleaner to mount on the chain, but I'm not sure I want to spend the energy on this POS!

    Sorry for the less than cheery response.

    Enjoy the rain this weekend!
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    Hello from Tampa Bay Florida..I have a 48cc motor from Kings ,sounds like its fallin apart but after 50 miles its running good....replace any/all bolts that take any stress. I am working on getting a good set of tires now...I think the Armidillo Hemispheres
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