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    Hey guys, I'm new here from Texas. Got an old 24" 21 speed aluminum frame mountain bike I've had since I was 10 years old. It's too small to ride comfortably now, even though it's still possible with the seat all the way up :jester:, so it's new life will be having a motor mounted behind the rear tire. It won't be able to be pedaled anymore, but the motor will utilize all 21 gears. To get the motor to be at the right RPM, it's going to require 2 stages of gear reduction between the motor and the front chain rings. With that, the lowest gears will be granny gears for the steepest of hills and the highest will be overdrive gears for top speed or running the motor at a fuel efficient RPM. The motor will be a used 2.5 HP tecumseh that I rescued from the trash, and I'm going to use a belt and tensioner style clutch. I've been thinking the design over for awhile now and I have have most of the little details worked out. I'm in school right now, but when I go home for christmas break I hope to at least get the project started.