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  1. Thomas Williams

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    hello I'm from Texas I found your site from a man that rides his bike with a motor on it all over Duncanville, Desoto, and Dallas Tx.
    for the last year I have seen this man riding a bicycle with a motor on it last week I saw he got a trailer for it on the trailer was a sticker with this websites on it.

    I thought this was a company selling the motors but it's just a form.
    I thought I would ask a few questions
    I love his bike and want to make my own, but did not know how.
    Or where do you get the motor and how hard are they to make.
    do you have to buy it peace at a time or a kit?
    Are they real expensive .

    And can you use them in place of a motorcycle or are they more fore fun?
    Thank you for all yalls help

  2. darwin

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    Welcome, theres so many choices no one answer is best until you narrow your criteria down. I personally like F/Ds, others like HTs in frame setups, 2 strokes, 4 strokes etc. Ask if you can't find an answer to a ?. Lots of good folks here willing to help.
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    welcome to the form Tom.
    F/D Friction Drive
    HT happy time 2 stroke china engine kit.
    yes you can buy by the piece or most but a kit.

    if it's for fun go with a 2 stroke kit.
    Yes they can replace a motorcycle. but you have to have a Class M License, under 50CC and a motorcycle License over 50CC.

    4 strokes are more expensive but are more for transportation not as fast as the 2 stroke , but more reliable
    if you have the cash go American made, if not go with a vendor that has some kind of warranty

    go to the vendor review area and check out the vendors so you do not get ripped off.
    I live in Dallas if you need help PM me.
  4. wheelbender6

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    Welcome tot the forum. I like the Chinese two stoke kits for a first build. if you decide motorized bikes are not for you, then you haven't spent that much on it.