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    Hey guys and gals. I am an 18 year old guy from Ventura, CA. I am awaiting the arrival of my 4 stroke hua sheng frame mounted engine in the next few days (stupid slow shipping) i am putting it in a Greenline 7 speed military looking beach cruiser. Put some bars on it off another bike, the vintage black headlight on it and the vintage speedo. I am going to use this bike for commuting to work everyday to Southern California Edison. I want it to look like a vintage motorcycle/cafe racer. I want it to be fast too. I just hope its fun! I have a pretty long history in car mechanics and ride fixed gear bikes alot so this should be an easy build.

    Before i forget, does anyone know how much and what type of oil this engine takes?

    Jim Linton

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    I imagine the info with the engine will say about the oil.
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    Welcome to the forum. I rode a fixed gear for a few years myself. I'm helping one of my chums build one now.
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    So I got my engine. Doesn't fit in my bike :mad: but ill fab some custom mounts and all will be good :) since the engine can't be put on, I'm dumping the shipping gear oil and putting my own in, put the sprocket on the wheel and then add some oil. Oh ya, I need to custom fab some brackets to hold my tank on too cuz my frame is wider than the threads are long. If anyone has tricks or tips, please help!
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