New from western PA - question regarding ultracapacitors for gas-hybrid

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    I'm putting together a bike with a hub motor and was interested in using a small inverter generator to eliminate the battery.

    This was discussed at length in this thread, Gas powered electric- a measure of success,

    From reading many threads here, the problem seems to have been well summarized on the thread linked above:

    I know of at least one industrial application using a small diesel generator and large ultracapacitors in a full size city trolly, without batteries.

    Is there any way this could be scaled down to ebike gas hybrid applications, to use a small gas generator and ultracaps to replace a battery bank?

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    Hi Brian, I just saw this after replying somewhat to the mentioned post.
    Here is the problem-most small generators are quite heavy, the HF job is around 50# (one of my buddies gave me one that was defunct with a good engine- the engine itself is real heavy for a 2 stroke!) and you still need to convert that juice to your voltage of choice. The cheap generators are also very loud.
    My solution was a harbor Freight (HF) 2.5 hp engine that is quiet and a torque monster compared to any 2 stroke, linked to a car alternator. The downside to this, is the engine and alt. weigh 30 #.
    I am sure, you could do what you propose, but your biggest issue is obtaining a small generator and how much noise you are willing to tolerate. I heard the Honda generators are very quiet but they cost a grand. That is almost tripple what I have in 2 bikes.