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    Hello! I build all kinds of fun stuff, and it mostly ends up being something motorized and usually a motorcycle, so this kind of stuff really appeals to me.

    I have a friend that is disabled, and he is perfectly capable of driving a car, but chooses to ride a bicycle. He has preferred bicycles long before he was disabled, and just more so now. He doesn't have very much money, but sometimes he just likes to get away for a while but it makes it hard living in the middle of nowhere where its quite a few miles to get anywhere, and especially if your wanting to take a few things with you. He wants to ride from Cheyenne to Portland to see some friends there, and he wants to ride to Florida and see some family there. He doesnt care how much time it takes, for a 32 year old guy he is fully physically able and his disability is more PTSD, so some time out on the road to smoke some cigarettes and just think about life would really do him good.

    He had a really cool TREK bicycle that he has saved up for for a long time and just loves that bicycle, so building an in frame motor is kind of out of the question.

    So I want to build him a push trailer.

    What I want to end up with: an ultra reliable, quiet, efficient push trailer that will also double as a trailer that will hold about 50 to 100 pounds of gear, cloths, tent, sleeping bag, fuel, tools and spare parts. I want it single wheel and the trailer to attach and push as low on the bike as possible.
    How I want to do it I want the trailer to be single wheel. I want it to tilt like the bicycle does. I also want it to attach and 'push' as close to the rear axle as possible. I want to build a saddlebag type rack/fender/trailer mount that bolts onto the bike over the rear tire. From there Ill put the triangle mount down level with the rear axle. and the 'push' will go into the rear axle and the seat post equally. The trailer its self I will try and build it out of aluminum, and if I cant find the right stuff at the scrap yard in aluminum then I will build it out of chromoly. (i have been hording the oldschool chromoly mountainbikes from the scrap yard, cutting the tubes and saving all the chromoly!) I just bought a brand new Craftsman Edger with a 3.5hp flat head Briggs motor for $20. I have a centrifugal clutch, and lots of parts to choose from to build the drive line, but Ill get into that in my build thread......
    I don't know anyone with a powered bicycle. never been on one, never been around one, never seen one in person so lets see how this is going to go!! Ill post a link to my build thread. please follow my build!

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    Hey welcome to the site good luck with the build for your friend! That's really nice of you to build a push trailer for him :cool: