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  1. august

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    Hello all.

    I live in Cheyenne Wyoming, retired electrician.

    I love motorcycling, been riding since 1949, my first ride was a Doodlebug motor scooter.

    I remember looking at a Whizzer with my dad when I was very young, and have wanted one ever since.

    I just finished restoring a 1969 Honda Trail 90.

    I have looked at original Whizzers and I don't think I am ready to spend that much money for a restored one, and am not sure how hard and expensive it would be to restore one myself, if I could even find one .

    I am looking at the new ones, but after reading a lot of the problems with clutches, brakes,lifters, etc, I am not sure I want one now.

    I don't plan to ride one very much at all, I have other motorcycles to ride, but I really am just satisfying my lust from when I was young. Mostly I will just look at it and park it beside my "new" Honda Trail 90.

    I have found a place that is advertising NE 5 for 1399.99 shipping included, but not sure what year that is. I am thinking I need to get a 2008 to get some updated parts.

    I am good at working on stuff, I'm an old drag racer, and have tons of tools, so working on stuff is what I like to do, I just don't want to get something that will turn into a money pit just to get it to work properly.

    Well, that's me, I can see from the members of this forum, that there are some really experienced Whizzer folks here, and very generous with their time and knowledge.

    I would appreciate all the feedback I can get as to what machine, brakes, clutches , size 24 or 26, that you have to offer.

    Thanks, Regards. August

  2. seca40

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    Hi August. I don't know a thing about Whizzers (except that they are good for looking at ) But I know a little about Big Wonderful Wyoming. I was born in Laramie and still have some family scattered around the state. Do you know any Crows?

    Welcome and have fun.
  3. august

    august Member


    I am a fourth generation in Wyoming, my great grandfather was one of the original residents in Laramie. His ranch was where the University of Wyoming now sits.

    My great grandfather was one of the people accused in the killing of Willie Nickell. Tom Horn was later hung for that crime.

    I don't think I am familiar with the Crow name. Other than the bird.

    Thanks for the welcome.
  4. spunout

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    hi, august. welcome. nice intro :)

    i LOVE wyoming! lived in Ft. Collins, CO for many many years, and would head up to cheyenne for Frontier Days.
    used to haunt The Crown Bar on Lincolnway, too.

    anyway- welcome. and you're right, there's alot of whizzer-guys here to help.
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