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Which one do you like best:



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  4. None! Tom should make his own.

  1. Tom

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  2. bamabikeguy

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    Hey Tom=

    I'm back, creating "issues" for macaca'a devotees to swallow. Boy, I zeroed in on that one right around Oct 5, and "Theghostofkarlafayetucker" the church and the Discordians spooked the Illuminati.

    8) Wish I had money to gamble, but I will bet the farm Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) goes DOWN in 08. 8)

    Inside scoop, Gov. Reilly will be VEEP candidate, if not PREZ. Too bad I like his sorry GOP ass.

    :?: What about user groups? I have folks coming by to look, and even though the Golden Eagles haven't "flocked" to the sight, I generally operate with slack-asses most of the time. :x

    :idea: I'm not trying to differentiate, it's just that Golden Eagle bikes pretty much are up and running with no problems in an hour or so, but like everything mechanical, they have small issues/fixes and tips that I could list and manage, be a quiet, minority in a small corner of this forum.
  3. gone_fishin

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    i didn't vote, but that's 'cuz i've had great luck with pictiger up to now...if you used one of the above choices, would we have to re-logon or would it be integrated into our forum-account?
  4. Tom

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    right now, im trying to figure out a way to add a gallery to the actual forum, so that you guys can add pictures through your current accounts. I think that would clearly be best.
  5. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    after seeing how my gallery turned out, i'm sticking with EDIT: not anymore, we have our own now!

    i like that they give me a thumbnail for my post...they'll even pre-construct your gallery of thumbs, like my personal one in the "picture gallery" forum. that was all done with one multi-file upload, then about 4 clicks to set gallery options. copy the resulting link, paste it into the post, instant gallery :D

    peeps won't have to load all those larger pics, takes less time & your display stays the same width for easy reading. nice and neat, easy to navigate.

    and...a LOT less work for mr. tom :wink:

    if anyone would like help constructing a similar gallery, just pm me 8)
  6. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Well I added the upload pic feature to posting so that you can upload and automatically resize your images when you post.

    I am thinking of working out a gallery so that each member can have their own little gallery without me having to upload each picture.
  7. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    truth be told, tom, i think the way you have it now is totally groovy...everyone can do as they please, 3 new ones already 8)

    maybe, for the convenience of the "front page" visitor, you could make the upper "gallery" link lead to our new "picture gallery" forum (?)

    bamabikeguy...i think that Golden Eagle Bike Engines have as much relevance as anything else here, so keep on pluggin' 'em. there's many appropriate applications for the gebe's, & our guests should be made aware of all the options available 8)
  8. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Yeah, I think thats a good idea. I am still going to try and make an actually gallery...