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Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by Rob928, May 10, 2008.

  1. Rob928

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    Here is my first GEBE (motored Bike) install.
    I chose to frame mount the engine brackets after the sealed disc axles that I ordered from GEBE did not fit my hubs. I think all for the better though.
    So far so good as far as the first ride, I will write more about my impressions of the performance and sound when I have a little more time....
    Here are a couple pictures.



  2. kawasaki999

    kawasaki999 Member

    Very nice! my klnd of bike.

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  3. stude13

    stude13 Active Member

    your motor strap is not hooked up and the motor will lay back and then hold throttle wide open, it did on mine.
  4. Rob928

    Rob928 Member

    Actually... Yes it is Look at the bottom picture.. I could not mount it to the traditional GEBE spot because of my 4 link suspension so i had to find an alternative position.
  5. augidog

    augidog New Member

    great job...please consider putting another torsion strap on the right side...having the anchor-point so far down may lead to flexing of the system over time.

    put a 12 tooth on that and you could climb a tree, what a rockin' full-suspension build.

    please keep us posted on how things are going.
  6. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Augi, you're like me, a full suspension much easer on an old bottom.
  7. Rob928

    Rob928 Member

    Yes was already planning on adding another one, just need to pick up some material. But thank you very much for the tip!!:grin:

    I think I will order the 12 tooth for the trails and I will post more as I put some more miles on it.

  8. RdKryton

    RdKryton Active Member

    Very nice job.

  9. kenspice

    kenspice Guest

    Nice job, but... that torsion strap may give you problems (as already mentioned) not only because of the distance from the engine but also weakening the verticle mount strap by putting a hole in it at the point of stress (a lot of torque there). I think a better way is to attach the torsion strap in the normal way but because of the full suspension, you should put a flex joint in the torsion strap. I did that on my bike and after 2000 miles I have had no problems. The suspension works fine and the engine moves fore and aft with the wheel. A very easy fix for this problem. I do not know why GEBE has not made this fix with their kit as it costs almost nothing. I will post a picture if anyone wants it. Another point is if the wheel nuts loosen or the verticle mount breaks, the engine can move only one inch fore or aft and will not affect engine speed.
  10. Rob928

    Rob928 Member

    Yes please post a picture....
  11. kenspice

    kenspice Guest

    Here is a picture of my modification of the GEBE torsion strap that allows the strap to flex with the full suspension. the two bolts are slightly loose, greased and double nutted so they cannot come out. If the wheel nuts come loose or a verticle strap breaks, the engine can only move fore and/or aft about 1.5 lnches. the engine speed is not affected. Very easy mod. and can be mounted to the seat bolt as in the picture. Bending of the strap, drilling two holes and installing the two bolts and nuts took about 20 minutes. This mod. should take a lot of pressure off of all of the mounting straps even on bikes without rear suspension. Should come from GEBE this way. 2000 miles and no problems. Have fun! Your bike looks nice!

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  12. Rob928

    Rob928 Member

    Well so far I have 125 miles and am still on the first gallon.

    All is well, I had a few alignment issues early on but got them figured out.

    Overall I am happy with the kit but I wish I had gone with the 40cc. Coming from a motocross background I would just like that little bit of extra power. I am still considering ordering the 40cc tanaka to give it a try.

    Has anyone else gone from the 32cc to the 40cc?

  13. augidog

    augidog New Member

    i'm told the 40 won't give you much more stock speed, but i understand it be a lot torque-ier...give the 32 some have 1000 miles of break-in (or more) to enjoy, so let'er rip :cool:
  14. Zev0

    Zev0 Member

    Rob, you have to remember these are motor ASSISTED bikes. Not a motorcycle.
    I just got my Tanaka 33 and I absolutely love it. I have a robin/subaru 4 stroke also, and for what it's worth, I'll take the Tanaka anyday. She screams.
  15. Jim H

    Jim H Guest

    Time for my opinion...I have the 40cc and yes, it's torquey ; too much torque imo for the belt and no appreciable gaines in mph. From what I gather from the guys and gals with the 32cc, they're going the same speed as me and probably higher rpm's. If you want to off-road, you'll go through some belts; I only got 300 miles on the last belt but was overzealous with the throttle. If I were to do it over again and used the gebe setup, I'd go with a it stands, I love my 40 but may have to go to a chain drive...don't wanna but may have to...
  16. Rob928

    Rob928 Member

    Yeah over the last couple days I have noticed an increase in power, it seems like the throttle gets more progressive as the motor breaks in.

    At first I didn't think it would be possible but I have been hitting all the local BMX jumps with the motor! Even a couple I wouldn't hit without the motor...
    These are about 15' doubles with some rhythm sections. I even hit one of the jumps that one of the guys on a worked up pit bike(CRF50) wouldn't hit..I really need to get some video footage...

    I know I am going to need some replacement belts for this type of riding, it takes some getting used to the throttle, If you are on the gas at all up the face of the jumps the belt will slip, and obviously if you apply any throttle before the landing the belt will slip big time... But it is so much fun!!!

    Today I picked up some less aggressive tires (26x1.9) to try to get rid of some rolling resistance. will post more pics soon!