New GEBE kit, upgraded from 26cc tanaka to 40cc

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by Dub, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. Dub

    Dub Guest

    Got about 100 miles on my "tax refund" Tanaka 40cc kit and thought I'd share some thoughts.
    I've been running the Tanaka 26cc kit for about two years, including a trip to Iraq; probably the only GEBE kit that can claim that :) I've had my share of frustrations and wish I had found this forum years ago but I can definitely say that GEBE has been extremely helpful all along and even sent me some free parts while in the desert.
    I've recently moved and my new 7 mile(one way) commute up hill was just too much for the 26cc. With all my stuff I'm probably hauling about 300lbs including me and bike.
    Decided to go with a complete 40cc kit as it was more cost effective than trying to upgrade my current kit. I HAD a buyer for the 26cc kit(fell through) Had many many e-mail exchanges with GEBE regarding clutch sizes, mounting brackets, etc. They were helpful as always and quick to respond. Even replying to multiple messages within the same day.
    Compared to my first look at the 26cc a couple years ago, the install was MUCH easier now that i know what i'm doing and have read so much on this board. I also purchased the Velocity 105g rear wheel from GEBE and it came with the drive ring installed. They did a real nice job and that wheel is impressive. It feels very solid. Hard to describe but I believe you can feel the difference in the way the bike rides and it's MUCH safer. I've broken spokes before and always managed to get home but my first thought after riding the new set up was "wow, i can't believe i managed to not have a catastrophic failure/accident on those cheapo wheels"
    Definitely, enjoying the hill climbing power of the larger engine but have not seen a dramatic increase in top speed. This may change as i get through the break in period. The extra size and weight of the engine is not noticeable as far as balance goes.
    I'd say if you're pushing around 200-240lbs or aren't riding large hills than the 26cc provides sufficient power and speed. But it just wasn't enough for current situation.

    If anyone is looking to save some money i still have a complete 26cc kit. I intend to post it for sale soon.


    Happy trails,


  2. MtnGoat

    MtnGoat Guest

    Gas mileage 26-40cc Tanaka

    Dub, do you notice much of a drop in gas mileage with the 40cc? Did you ever quantify your mileage on the 26cc?
  3. If you want to really beef up that engine,
    I can help.
    I got a Tanaka Purefire 40cc, but couldn't deal with the low power.
    (I'm used to more HP engines)

    I swapped the coil, added a bigger carb,
    and made that 40cc into a real beast without much money.

    It's got so much more power now.
  4. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    I have had the Zenoah kit on a MB frame... 30-35mph

    I have the 32cc Tanaka on a Schwinn D7 with modifications - 30mph

    I am curious to the changes you made on your motor to gain more power as mine seems a little lethargic when compared to the Zenoah... More weight to lug I guess although the smooth road tires make for a wonderful ride :)

    I have to ask - how did the GEBE stand up to the conditions out there - I would imagine with the dust and general heat it would be a 2-stroke killer par excellence... more to the point what did the locals make of the thing?

    Jemma xx
  5. Well, the issue here is the Tanaka Purefire. It was gutless for me
    because of all the extra emissions stuff, and the "lean burn"
    because of the arrow on top of the piston really holds back power.
    Here is the thread I did.
    Is yours a purefire engine, or is it just a standard Tanaka?
    Which Zenoah were you using? G260RC?

    I just would say to upgrade the carb first,
    then get an expansion pipe if possible.

    You'll notice a big difference right away.

    But if you want to do motor mods, I can help with that too.