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    Hope I'm doing this right ... my first post so please bare with me. I'm looking for advice on my first motorized bike. I'm an active 200 pound, 61 year old Michigan geezer who would like to putz around a bit on a motorized bike ... just to and from the store and a little cruizing around town ... trips would average 20 miles. Mainly I'd be riding good black top roads with very little in the way of hills. Does anyone have any experience with putting a motor on Schwinn's 3-wheel Meridian (or other similar 3-wheelers)? I'm thinking of a front-wheel, friction drive system like the Robin Subaru 35 four-storke. Any advice on the pro's and con's would be much appreciated.
    Mike in Michigan
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  2. Egor

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    Good to see another (Geezer) I am just behind you I was born in 49. I think all of what you have as an idea looks good, the only thing you should consider is the (friction) or (belt). I like the friction for its simplicity, you could be riding in about an hour. The belt on the other hand will not slip in the wet and is easier on the tires. I would not consider any engine smaller than the 35, yours and the 3 wheeler weight. You will not be able to push for speed (three wheels) but you need the torque. If this is your first build, make room for another, this is an addicting hobby, LOL. Have fun, Dave

    PS: The four stroke will keep the fumes out of your face. Your motor up front, not much in the way of smell.
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    Michigan's my home state. (Hillsdale County, directly south of Jackson)
    It's always good to hear from another Michigander.

    The thing that has me wondering about the bike you described is will 20 miles be too much for a three wheeler? After all, you won't be able to ride it very fast.
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    yes - the Robin is a sweet little engine

    have fun as you ride that thing
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    Hey Egor,
    Thanks for the quick reply (don't worry ... turning 60 ain't no biggy!).

    I hadn't thought about getting fumes in the face with a front wheel mount?! Hopefully the 4-stroke and a little wind will fix that problem ... or have you found it to be a big problem?

    Yes, I'm pretty sure I'll be building a second two wheel bike. Actually that was plan #1 but then I thought about the extra carrrying space on the 3-wheeler. But I might bypass the 3-wheel idea if I hear from enough riders that it's not as much fun in realaity as it is in my day dreams.

    Thanks again for your input ... much appreciated. Hope we have the chance to "talk" again.
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    Hi Mountainman,

    Thanks for the thumbs up on the Subaru. I've heard only good things about it so far. I like the cast iron sleeve and the 4-storke. Wish they made a 49cc!

    Hope to "talk" again sometime.
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    Hey bluegoatwoods,

    I know right where Hillsdale county is ... used to pheasant hunt there in the 70's. Had a great time with good friends and good dogs!

    Do you think a 20 mile round trip on a 3-wheeler might be too long? I wonder about that but have read of 2-wheelers taking much longer trips. I know the weight factor can make all the difference but don't know where the "line" is.?

    Thanks for the reply.
    PS It's really cold up here right now ... snow, ice and wind!!! ... so I've got pleanty of time to solve my "bike puzzle".
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    Welcome to MBc. Another problem with friction drive is that they don't handle wet conditions very well at all. I ride my 3-wheeler to work and back regularly, and I work 32+ miles from here. No problemo, but my trike is a bit extreme.
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    Thanks Alaskavan

    Thanks for the welcome Alaskavan.

    I googled WhizzWheelz Zoomer ... wow! ... quite a tricycle! Never thought I'd say this but I think I envy your ride to work!

    Compared to your Zoomer the Schwinn Meridian I'm considering looks a little tank-ish but for some reason I seem to be leaning that way lately. I'm sure its low price has a lot to do with it. It's the cheapest trike I've seen that looks like it will carry me around but I have to admit I think it even looks cool. I guess that's the geezer in me coming through! Doubt it would outrun the Alaskan grizzlys but I'm hoping it will get me to Wallyworld and back on a sunny day!

    Thanks again ... nice talking to you.
  10. BARE with you? I don't think so, but welcome
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    Oooops .... wrong bear!

    Ooooops ... I meant "bear with me". Thanks for catching my mistake and making me a more smarter speller! lol

    Thanks for the welcome too.
  12. \l/
    ( OO )
    we're watching you
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    Schwinn Meridian Trike

    Picture of the Schwinn Meridian Trike:

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    Staton has kits for 3-wheelers: - 35cc Subaru

    OR - 50cc Honda

    And from personal experience, Trikes are fun, I built a 196cc (6.5HP) trike for a friend. The one-wheel drive makes it pull to the right some under acceleration, and you have to go easy on turns and uneven surfaces, but it's a LOT of fun. 2-wheels is easier to control, but a trike can be driven fast with some practice, and learning to stand up and lean while turning will help to keep all 3 wheels on the ground. I like how a trike can turn on a dime compared to a 2-wheeler.

    Have fun with your new Bike or Trike!
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    Hi ZNsaneRyder,
    Thanks for the links ... I've been checking those sites and like what I see.

    Thanks also for the 3-wheel riding tips ... standing on the turns ... sounds like riding my old snowmobile! (For those who might not know, this is safer than it sounds when done properly ... be careful.)

    Good to hear from another trike-ster!
  16. I would suggest if you aren't friction drive, there are ratcheting sprockets that you can put on each wheel that would give you even power and freewheeling to boot for better fuel economy. I have a pair SOMEWHERE, but you know how that goes.
  17. mikem

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    Thanks ... the sprockets sound like they might have possibilities ... but I'm thinking simple friction drive right now, at least for the first bike.

    By the way, SOMEWHERE is where I keep most of my stuff too! OutThere Somewhere and InHere Somewhere.

    Appreciate the input ........
  18. SOMEWHERE revisited

    The reason I can't find my ratcheting sprockets. I saw them once recently but it was during the period MAGGIE was invading my "Model Room" where I built my gas and rubber planes and racing boats. I haven't done it in a while so SHE decided that was where HER stuff should be. It was a 12 X 18 bedroom when my girls were growing up. It is really loaded with stuff I will probably never use again but too good to sell or toss. I would miss my oscilloscope, measuring microscope, drafting table with all the STUFF on it, several keyboards, a HUGE light box, about 25-30 gas boat,several huge sailboats, many old-timer r/c planes on the ceiling, and a fortune in pulsejet and ignition engines, plus a bushel basket of glo stuff. See what I mean? I can't even get to the drawers on my workbench or the wall cabinet. KW:censored:
  19. mikem

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    Wow and a Half!!!

    Wow... now that's a lot of stuff! But we all know a guy can't have too much stuff and your's sounds way neater than most! Let me know if you ever have a yard sale!
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    William, my wife never got to park her car in the garage in the 34 years we have been here, and it is a 2 and 1/2 car garage. She says she is going to park there the minute I am gone, so all my friends know that when I die they better get here quick, LOL. there is nothing out there that is not made of metal so I guess the tin man will be the first to call. I do have a few glow engines out there also. I started building a 29 Ford years ago, I need to finish that some day, you can't see it under everything. Have fun, Dave