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Nov 14, 2018
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Howzit Everyone,
When I first got my Whizzer I noticed how the muffler was mounted. I did not like it. (bad design)
The exhaust pipe was held on to the exhaust manifold with one Stupid little set screw. (set screw would always come loose)
The rear of the muffler had one cheep metal bracket poorly welded on. I knew this wasn't gonna last long. (The muffler wiggled.)
The first thing I did was open up the baffle for better exhaust air flow.
I put a jam nut on a longer set screw.
The set screw didn't come loose any more but the exhaust pipe leaked exhaust where it goes into the exhaust manifold.
The Stupid set screw could never hold the exhaust pipe in the exhaust manifold snugly. (always leaked exhaust)
I tried to wrap muffler packing around the joint but after awhile it still leaked exhaust.
The weld on the rear bracket broke within the first few 100 miles.
I then made some half ass brackets to mount the muffler on more ridged.
After a few 1,000 miles the muffler still wiggled and now leaked exhaust more than ever
The Stupid set screw. Not only forcing the exhaust pipe to one side for poor pipe to manifold alignment was also warping the exhaust manifold. What to do? Some thing had to be done.

I ordered the new 1 1/4" Muffler, new High Flow Baffle with a new Exhaust Manifold and Barrel gasket.
I was not going to use the stock muffler mounts. The Stupid set screw or the rear cheep metal welded on bracket.
I still used the set screw and a jam nut just to plug the hole. Not to hold the muffler.
I cut the rear bracket off. That would just break again.

New Gen - Muffler Mounting Tips
This is how I mounted the new Muffler. No Wiggle and No Exhaust Leaks.
I hold the exhaust pipe in the exhaust manifold with Springs, one on top and one on the bottom.
It's a common way to mount motorcycle exhaust pipes. (see picture)
I hooked the springs to the exhaust manifold cooling fins and a hose clamp to hook the springs to the exhaust pipe.
This holds the exhaust pipe in with spring pressure achieving perfect alignment with exhaust barrel gasket and manifold. (NO Exhaust Leaks)
I used 3 motorcycle highway peg clamp brackets to mount the muffler rear ridged to the bike frame. No Wiggle (see picture)
Two clamp brackets are 1 1/4" to exhaust pipe and one is a 1'' to bike frame
One clamp I mounted using a spacer to the rear brake arm mounting bracket. The other two clamps I bolted to each other and mounted to the bike frame using a thick rubber sleeve pad to take up the diff in DIA. and protect the frame.

Ya Might like this.
I can just leave the exhaust pipe (muffler) and exhaust manifold (elbow) mounted to the bike when I remove the motor for routine maintenance.
I have marked the motor, motor mounts and Bike frame. So when remounting motor it's perfect alignment with the exhaust manifold elbow and pipe every time.

Here's another tip.
I suggest to use or make exhaust studs to mount exhaust manifold to cylinder.
Use 10mm nuts to mount exhaust manifold. Then mount chrome heat shield with acorn nuts.
I mount my exhaust manifold in this order.
1) Install Studs use anti seize
2) Exhaust Manifold Gasket
3) Exhaust Elbow Manifold
4) Compression Release Cable Bracket
5) 10 mm nuts
6) Heat shield
7) washers
8) Acorn nuts with red locktight.

The stock way to mount the heat shield and exhaust manifold is with two long bolts. That's no good.
The exhaust bolts will come loose. Exhaust leaks. Exhaust bolt hole threads may strip out from constant re torquing of bolts.
The stock muffler mounts creates constant wiggling of muffler. This compounds all problems.

I hope this info can help someone.
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