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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by massdrive, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. massdrive

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    [HR][/HR]Newly completed. GT2A aluminum frame. 66cc 2 stroke china engine with cut piston & drilled wrist pin, wrist pin and connecting rod bearings. Tuned carbonator and pipe, NGK spark plug and cap. Worksman 26"x 2.125" HD double wall alloy 36h rims, 11g stainless steel spokes, front drum brake hub with pressed bearings, 26"x 2.5" Maxxis Hook Worm street tires with presta valve tubes. Billet aluminum rear sprocket adaptor with 44t aluminum sprocket, 415 drive chain. 1 1/8" threadless adjustable coil spring fork, adjustable alloy stem, alloy handlebars, coil spring seat post and seat. Single side kick center stand. Engine is freshly broke in and runs great. 35 mph top speed. This is a new clean modern custom built bike. $1600 702-203-3361

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  2. Big Red

    Big Red Active Member

    Same question I always ask, WHY are ya SELLING IT. And although you do have some nice custom stuff jumpin off;front mount, tank, center stand, ect, $2250? A THOU, maybe $1200 is a better price for that one,MOST people will look at the price and move on to craigslist. Put a good 4 stroke on it for $2250 Not tryin to offend bro,Just MY opinion. It IS a very nice bike.
  3. massdrive

    massdrive New Member

    I'm selling it because I went way over my $1000 budget and I had to either abandon the project at a lose or finish it and sell it. I have over $1600 into it plus more than 80 hours of my time and who knows how much gas I used chasing down parts and having things machined and welded. I know the price is high. I'll sell it to you right now for $1800
    I have another in the works that is over budget This one has more goodies and I built the crap out of the engine... col

    No offense taken glad for the positive response. Thank You
  4. grinningremlin

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    First, VERY cool bike, I'm not even a frame-mount guy.Sadly, Red is right, unless you can sit on this for 50-60 years you'll not get your asking price.Regardless of extra work, appearance-wise, the engine is a China-girl ($120-$150) the bike itself, maybe $450 $500, your time must be thrown out.So even $1000 is steep for any joe-blow, and most here would rather build and try to save some $$.I have a $1000 bike, $250 fairing, $350 Tanaka, $250 wood fenders, $350 GEBE set-up, $350 in accessories ,and I couldn't get $1000 for it.
    Get about $500 worth of riding fun out, then sell.