New guy, building my first bike!

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    Greetings! I will beginning my build in a month or so. I am doing research on parts, and planning. I have a friend helping me with the build who has prior experience in building motorized bikes.
    My bike base being picked up at the beginning of next month:

    Glad to be here!:D

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    Welcome aboard :D
  3. Al.Fisherman

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    Welcome...I think that would make a nice MB
  4. Daeouse

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    *Arise ye olde dead thread!!!*

    I've recently managed to get my motorized bike assembled and "running", so I figured I'd update this old thread.
    Sadly, I couldn't use my Onyx bike like I wanted, because the coaster-break refused to come apart, so I was unable to mount the sprocket. So, I dragged out my old Huffy mountain bike and got to work. After hours of cursing and swearing, sweating and bashing my knuckles all to ****, I managed to get everything assembled properly:
    2012-03-04 18.46.12.jpg

    Now, I do intend to mount this motor on the Onyx frame, however I have to wait until I can afford to get a different rear axle for it. I was planning on getting a multi-speed axle with a disk brake. I also want to get a jack-shaft kit, so I can ease some of the strain on the motor. I have a long list of things I want to do, but for now, I have to wait, as I'm unemployed (again :-/ ) and thus have no money.
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    It died again. . . Hm. . . *Necromancy* LIVE YE DEAD THREAD!!!

    I've done a lot of work on this bike over the last year. I still have a long way to go until I'm happy with it, but at this moment it runs, drives, and handles fairly well.


    The fender is gone; it was torn off when it came loose and wrapped itself around my axle, so it's gone. (Nearly caused a wreck)

    The tensioner has been tweaked into a more sturdy configuration, as it keeps loosening up and allowing the chain to come off the sprocket and bind up the rear wheel. (Nearly caused a wreck)

    The muffler was crap and fell apart, so I rebuilt it my way, but I will have it replaced/modded soon.

    Replaced the front forks with shock-forks with better brakes on them.

    I also have a page and a half list of ideas for this (but more on that later) that I will be handling as I can.


    Your thoughts?
  6. 5-7HEAVEN

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    You are tenacious. Props to you for not giving up.

    I suggest that you buy a wheel with the sprocket already mounted, if that's holding up the Onyx build.
  7. Daeouse

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    Well, my baby is over at a friend's house where he will be welding a extended exhaust pipe onto the bike. I'm happy to see some work done on it.

    The down-side is I noticed the spokes were beginning to tear themselves out of the rim. . . right after I got done riding it to the corner store to refill the tires. . . yeah. . . a little scary. (pics later) So, jackshaft kit gets moved up on the queue before a new frame. On top of that I intend to wire up a lighting system based on a post that I saw on here earlier. (link later)

    EDIT: Oh, and I will be migrating all this to a new thread later so I don't keep messing up the newbie area. LOL!