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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mechmanjdd, Jul 16, 2008.

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    I have just recently immersed myself in the wonderful world of motorized bikes. Looking forward to a first build I set my sights on grabbing a Schwinn occ chopper and attaching a motor. :smile: Seeing as it's my first time I'm bound to have some questions right?

    1. Would a 40cc motor (bluecollarbikes probably:grin:) Be able to push a 230 pound guy on a chopper around fairly easily, I live in the suburbs so its pretty flat with some slight hills. The laws around here say that anything over 3.5 hp has to be registered as a moped or vespa. So i'm stuck with around 40 or 55 cc's im thinking.

    2. I've been reading around and if i'm reading this correctly you need an "adapter" to get the motor's sprocket on there right? ( correct my terminology if wrong please :p ) As I'm already looking at about 300$ for the bike and engine kit :shock: i want to make sure i have everything before finding out that i need to pay for an adapter, i saw the one at livefast and its like 60 dollars.

    3. Do i need any special mounting hardware like the one livefast offers for choppers?

    Thats about it for now i'm sure i will have more questions later or along the line i sure hope i can get my hands on a chopper and start soon ;)


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    Hello, mechmanjdd

    1. Welcome to the transportation revolution.

    2. A 2-stroke 40cc engine might not have the torque that you need to go up the hills without helping it a little bit. Maybe you could pull it off with a 4-stroke. (They generally have more torque) And the 80cc (really 69cc) happy time engines are rated at around 3.5 hp. And if it's a little bit over the limit, there is no way that the cops would figure out how much power it makes. (the motors have no markings on them whatsoever).

    3. I tried searching and I can't find blue collar bikes. But for mounting a chinese engine to a schwinn chopper, you need a bracket.

    p.s. You might want to start a thread in the introduction section so we can properly introduce you.
  3. mechmanjdd

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    Thanks for the reply, and some answers as well, so i need a special mounting bracket and an adapter for the rear wheel:?:
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    Heyas i just finnshed building my OCC stretched frame...leg room

    i got both the motor mount and the hub adapter.....alls i can say is GET THEM...they will make installation a breeze.....when u do mount the engine....mount it on some nice think rubber ....I need thinker rubber...i used basically a tire tube piece and i need more rubber.

    i also belive these 2 products will make yer bike safer....engine is in solid ...sprocket is in solid....

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    see my vids (look at my sig) see vid caled a true walk around of my schwinn. i believe i covered everything.
    welcome to mbc!
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    Thanks for the help everyone! I was asking because i might have to buy the bike and motor first then save save save for the 189$ i think, chopper kit. If i buy it all together it would be like 500$ and i dont have that kinda money right now :???: :shock: