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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by smyrna5, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. smyrna5

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    Hi. I just joined this morning. I have been building non-powered bikes for about a year and am a regular on the atomic zombie site (trikeman is my nick there). I am interested in building a motorized bicycle now. This looks like a good forum.

  2. GasKicker

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    Welcome Trikeman. I'm an Atlanta native too. Just moved here to Florida. You seem to like working with bikes. You'll love motorizing.

    Just do it.
  3. smyrna5

    smyrna5 New Member

    Thanks. I picked up this donor bike cheap a few days ago. I am thinking of putting an electric motor on it, instead of a gasser, since the state of Georgia allows electric assist bikes to go unlicensed, uninsured etc, but even gassers under 49cc are classed as mopeds.

    I have an old 24 Black and Decker electric mower motor (1200W) and batteries that seem to work, if I can get them attached. I am thinking of getting a GEBE pulley and belt for it. I also need to pick up a controller.
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