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  1. Ryan H

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    Hi everybody,
    I'm Ryan, I live in Boston harbor on my sailboat. I found out about motor bicycles a few weeks ago while looking for a cheap motorcycle to ride around on while my wife has the car. I ordered an 80cc kit two weeks back and had my cruiser all done the next day. Ive already put a few hundred miles on my bike and have had a great time of it so far. I've been rummaging around on this forum ever since I first found out about these kits and decided its about time I joined I want to apologise in advance for my poor posting skills, my only "computer" is a 2.5 touch screen that tends to lag or spell check most of what I type into the wrong words. At any rate, nice to meet everyone.

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  2. Max-M

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    Wow! That's got to be pretty cool living on a sailboat in the harbor and motoring around Beantown on an MB. What do you have for a boat? Are you semi-permanently living there and working? Got pics of boat and bike?

    I'm in Mystic, Connecticut -- a place where a number of people also live on boats.


  3. james65

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    Welcome aboard!
    There are about a dozen ma. riders that post on these forums. That was a quick build. Post a few photos. Of course you realize thes are not leagl to ride on the streets in ma, of course that has never stopped me!
  4. Ryan H

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    Hi guys!
    Now that we've finally hit some good weather sailing and riding the motor bike has been great. I've had a few growing pains with the motor bike though. My first time really getting up to speed after break in I lost my fuel cap, got all the way to pirate cycles where they sold me the wrong one and wound up walking the stretch of road that I lost it for three days until I found the original cap in a thorn bush. Also, I kept a rag under my seat because the gas cap has leaked since day one. On a ride a few days ago the rag got loose, sucked in to the drive sprocket and shattered the drive chain. took me a full day to track down some 41 chain (damn near impossible to find walking around Quincy). I posted a profile pic of the bike, pretty much just the stock kit with a blue cranbrook huffy (already put new brackets and also ran zip ties to the fenders) The bike is the same color scheme as my boat already so No need to custom paint anything. I'll post a picture of the bike and boat together when I figure out now.

    PS. I brought my paperwork to the registry in Plymouth and they gave me a registered sticker, could I still get in trouble buzzing around town?
  5. Max-M

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    Wow; a 100+ mile round trip from Quincy, MA to Pirate Cycles in North Grafton, MA to buy a new gas cap? You've got a lot of free time, eh?!
  6. LR Jerry

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    Did you register your bike under Massachusetts law Chapter 90 Section 1 H? Regardless of the section with a sticker you should be good to go. I just posted on MA law in the legal section, if you want to read the laws for yourself.
  7. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. I always envied "Quincy" and other TV characters that lived on a boat. I later got my sea legs in the Marines.
  8. Holly

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    What did you need to bring to Plymouth to register? I want to be prepared. Thanks!
  9. james65

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    Have been riding in Quincy Ma for 5+ yrs. no problems. Obey laws and ride senseably!

  10. Holly

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    Thanks Jim! Will do.