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    My name is Scott and I have caught the bug. I just got a Schwinn windwood and painted it black and added a front cantilever brake in preparation for a new motor. I plan on buying the "80cc" slant head and would like to know if anyone lives in my area. I am studying all the common problems with installing a motor on the Windwood and also would like any recommendations on the best place to buy the motor. Any help is appreciated and I really like this site.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Welcome from California!
    Good luck on your purchase. The only recommendation I can give you is reasearch the vendor thorughly!
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    Welcome aboard.

    I'd go with any one of the MBC vendors. You'll find links on the left of this page. If you go with a no-name vendor off of ebay you'll get a price that's only a very little bit better but you'll take a bad risk of getting garbage right along with that.

    Good luck and have fun.